• Ritya 14

    Another early start on a day that was promising rain, but turned out to be another scorcher. The day didn’t go well, we should have completed the tiling of the roof but rather lost our way due to the heat and the lack of thought. The pace was inevitably slow and so were two sets… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 13

    Another crack of dawn start. It was forecast rain today and it did. Around 11am it began to spit, we were both on the roof, I laying lats over material on the small side roof and David on the apex grinding tiles. The shower lasted around 5 minutes and though gave us a minor soaking,… Continue Reading

  • Ritya12

    With rain forecast in a couple of days we woke at dawn and worked on the roof until the failing light made hitting a nail a bit of a lottery. The previous day had been so hot that David suggested that my bush hat didn’t have enough ventilation in it and lent me a better… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 11

    The day was another scorcher, even hotter than the day before. Working on the roof after midday became quite difficult, ladders become hot to climb and the black material already laid a definite no-no to touch. Work slowed to a lethargic crawl punctuated with many water stops, until we ran out of water and then… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 10

    We were hoping to get most of the tiles on today, but we didn’t. Being on a roof in full scorching sun is not pleasant! The work went slow and mistakes were made and had to be rectified. During the morning we painstakingly set the metal edge to the place which the end tiles would… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 9

    No Sevdolin today. We woke at 9am to a very windy day. By the time we were on the roof it was 11am. Most of my day was mortaring the end bricks at the gable end to bring it in line with the top of the beams in readiness for the lats to sit on… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 8

    We wake up thinking roofs. We spend the day talking about roofs. We go to bed and dream about roofs. Roofs aren’t so complicated back in the UK. They are made from standard materials, machined to accurate dimensions and thus are put together using logical and architecturally sound methods. Bulgarian roofs (especially this one) was… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 7

    Sunday ………. another day on the roof! The ‘sun had put his hat on’ and shone warm and brightly until mid afternoon when thankfully clouds appeared on the horizon, slowly covered the entire sky then became thick and dark. Opinion varied as to the chances of rain, David thought it would, I thought it wouldn’t… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 6

    It was a Saturday and it was early. Banjo had been let out sometime around 5am (his trusty internal clock) and returned without disturbing my peaceful sleep and made himself a nest at the foot of the bed. The next disturbance was a cup of coffee made by David and his usual raspberry flatulence. Checking… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 5

    The night did not go well. Half way through the film ‘Thor’ David fell asleep, an early night was on the cards? As I snuggled into my pillow and Banjo licked his paws at the foot of the bed ready to descend into the land of doggy Nod, a once fast asleep step-brother burst into… Continue Reading