• Alter do Chao

    The small community of Alter do Chao lies on the bank of the River Tapajos and is around twenty mile upstream of Santarem. Until the 18th century the village was inhabited mostly by the Boraris people who lived principally by fishing, today the 1298 citizens still depend on fishing, but have added handicrafts and tourism… Continue Reading

  • Parintins–Festival do Boi Bumba

    The ship arrived off the shore of the small town of Parintins situated on the southern bank of the Amazon just after breakfast. From November to January the town becomes an island and can only be reached by river. We anchored midstream making for a 20 minute tender boat ride to the town pier. Parintins… Continue Reading

  • Manaus – A city walk

    The one and only overnight stay is here in Manaus. It is the base from where most rain forest expeditions begin and in similar fashion it also offers the greatest number of tour opportunities for visiting cruise ships. Last night we could have forgone our evening meal (god forbid!!!) and joined a caiman hunt in… Continue Reading

  • Manaus – Indigenous Community and Rubber Museum

    We woke this morning to find that in the Brazilian rainforest during the rainy season it does actually rain. Spoiled by good weather since entering the Amazon we had begun to think that perhaps my school geography books had got it wrong or that global warming was having an affect. It was tipping it down… Continue Reading

  • Boca da Valeria

    We arrived at the tiny fishing village of Boca da Valeria at breakfast time. It is situated at the confluence of the Rio da Valeria and the Amazon, midway between  Paritins and Sanatarem, it is a remote and primitive village of around 75 souls, descended from intermarriage between Portuguese settlers and local Indians, they are… Continue Reading

  • Santarem and the Battle on the Tapajos

    Six days at sea while we traversed the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another meant that we had a chance to settle into the ship’s routine of eat, entertain, eat, entertain, eat, entertain, eat, entertain, sleep. A slight adjustment had to be made on those days that we crossed one of the date lines,… Continue Reading

  • Funchal–Madeira

    We arrived during breakfast at the largest and capital city of Portugal’s Autonomous Region of Madeira, Funchal. The twinkling lights of little settlements dotted along the coast slid by enticingly in the dark as the Magellan slowly made its way to a secure berth alongside the Aida. There were already two other cruise ships in… Continue Reading