• Nineteen

    Since the last blog, the temperature has been up in the high twenties and not a cloud in the sky. On Tuesday Lee came down to stay. Charlotte and Ellis came over and we all went to Dingley woods to see the blue-bells and have a swing on the ropes. Much to my amusement (and… Continue Reading

  • Home and Away

    The drive back from Heathrow went without a hitch, at 7am on a Sunday morning there wasn’t much traffic. Th rest of the day felt strange as besides being cold (because it was cold) we busied ourselves with unpacking, ringing the family (when they had woken up) and tried hard to stay awake as long… Continue Reading

  • Borneo10

    Going home today. Tried a breakfast of lamb curry followed by chicken curry, a few other dishes I couldn’t spell the names of and some yogurt and fruit. The thinking being that if  there was an unpleasant reaction, it wouldn’t be on holiday, but where the medical services were a bit more predictable. In the end… Continue Reading

  • Borneo9

    Woke up to another bright sunny day. After breakfast it was decided to catch the mono-rail to  the Bird Park. It was supposed to be the world’s largest undercover aviary and we both like pretty coloured birds. The walk from the hotel to the train station was just 2 minutes and we bought two tokens… Continue Reading

  • Borneo8

    Down for breakfast at 7pm as we had a a city tour booked for the morning. Stuck to mainly European fayre (don’t want to upset the stomach) but the curried fish heads did look appetising.  Afterwards we waited for around 15 minutes in the Lobby before the mini-bus and around 10 other guests from the… Continue Reading

  • Borneo7

    We woke early (6.30am) and had melon and pineapple that we had stored in the fridge for breakfast. A bell boy came to collect our suitcases at 7am and then we walked down to reception and paid the bill. While Sue waited for our taxi to arrive I went down to the internet room and… Continue Reading

  • Borneo6

    Took the car key to reception for 9am and waited for the hire car rep. After 20 minutes he hadn’t come so I left the keys with the concierge and went back to the room. Sue and I walked to the Activity Centre as we had booked another session to see and feed the Orangutans… Continue Reading