• Underground and Schindler.

    The wet cobbles indicated it had rained in the night but the sun was shining when I looked through the window at the early morning commuters below, hurrying  along with collars turned up and hat and gloves in evidence. Still cold out there then. We had another half hour in bed before venturing down for breakfast. For… Continue Reading

  • More than a pinch of salt.

    We woke to a very cold but sunny morning. With breakfast Polished off I got reception to confirm our transfer to the airport late tomorrow night. The mini-bus arrived to take us to the Wielizka Salt Mine on time (9am), there was already a couple of others on board and by the time we had… Continue Reading

  • Auschwitz

    The clip-clops seemed to clatter over the cobbles up till around 11pm, but it had been a long day and I only received this vital piece of information at breakfast from Sue. I had started a lovely relationship with my Polish pillow and was oblivious to the nags outside. Breakfast was a hearty affair of… Continue Reading

  • Hot and Cold

    The day after I published the last blog, the frost arrived, the morning fog appeared and the leaves began to fall, most of which, to the benefit of the ‘in-house’ worms at my top allotment have now been dug into several trenches and covered over with soil. The cobnut hedge that Sue and I plundered… Continue Reading