• Favalosa and back!

    Favalosa and back! Alarm set for 6.45 am, but woke and got up at 6.15 am. We had packed and left suit cases out side the cabin last night and they had gone. In our post box next to the door was the account for the cruise. Everything checked out except one item against the… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Nineteen

    Favalosa Nineteen Palm Sunday today and we woke to the first grey skies and rain! Watched the rolling waves during breakfast, no sign of dolphins, they probably were staying at home. Attempted a little walk on deck, but too chilly and wet. Continued to rain during lunch and visibility outside wasn’t great. We docked in… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Eighteen

    Favalosa Eighteen We had a relatively late break fast as we were not due to dock into Barcelona until after 1pm. Afterwards we had a good walk around the decks, but though the skies were still cloudless, there was a chill wind that made my walk in shorts and t-shirt a little bracing. When we… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa seventeen

    Favalosa Seventeen The clocks went forward yet again last night. Apparently at 6 am we sailed passed Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean, but Sue and I remained firmly asleep and didn’t emerge for breakfast until 9 am. One think we noticed as we ate was the number of ships we could see through the windows.… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Sixteen

    Favalosa Sixteen This morning we woke up and found the ship had already docked in port. Blue sky and hot, even though it was still only 8 am. After breakfast we had a walk around up on deck to scan the sky-line. Casablanca is a very busy port and the cranes and container ships were… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Fifteen

    Favalosa Fifteen Back at sea. Late breakfast (9 am). Blue skies, puffy white clouds in the distance, sea swell but no white horses. Sue saw her first whale, she noticed the spout first then spotted it keeping pace with the ship for a around 5 minutes before giving up and diving. She thinks it was… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Fourteen

    Favalosa Fourteen Choppy sea during the night. We could feel the motion of the ship in bed, but it didn’t prevent a good nights sleep. The deck was wet when we woke for breakfast so it could have rained during the night. I checked the cabin TV to see if we were in port, the… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Thirteen

    Favalosa Thirteen Land sighted! Boats, dolphins and birds all witnessed during an early breakfast (7.45 am). By sheer luck the captain has found St. Cruz de Tenerife before we ran out of food and water. We had booked an excursion, hence the early breakfast. We were docked by 8a m and disembarked onto a coach… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Twelve

    Favalosa Twelve We sailed through another time zone last night so lost another hours sleep (still managed breakfast for 9 am!) During the morning we attended another quiz. This time we came second, Sue and I got a Costa wrist band (as yet I don’t know what it entitles us to, if anything). We met… Continue Reading

  • Favalosa Eleven

    Favalosa Eleven Captain’s Log Stardate: 2014.16.3 Location: Alpha Quadrant 18′ 55. 54N 24′ 0.57W (just passed the Cape Verde system) No Klingon (cloaked or uncloaked), Ferengi, Borg or other Federation ship sighted for 5 days now. Navigational computer is suspected of malfunctioning and we are circling endlessly. Sue has reported seeing the same wave for… Continue Reading