Favalosa Fifteen

Favalosa Fifteen
Back at sea. Late breakfast (9 am). Blue skies, puffy white clouds in the distance, sea swell but no white horses. Sue saw her first whale, she noticed the spout first then spotted it keeping pace with the ship for a around 5 minutes before giving up and diving. She thinks it was a lone male.

During the morning we played scrabble in the library (German board), it was a tough, long game, the letters and combinations didn’t make for easy play. Afterwards we had coffee on Deck 10 and met Ray and Glynnis and had a long chat. They gave Sue the ‘Express’ so that was her afternoon sorted. I have finished my book and attempted to download one off the net, but the Googlebooks update has a bug in it and is preventing me from doing so (annoying).
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At lunch we were joined by Jonathan, his mother wasn’t feeling too well because of the swell and was laying in her cabin. We put the world to rights over salad and then each went our different ways. It is another lazy day, we do not dock until 7 am tomorrow in Casablanca.

Around 4p m I found Sue on Deck 10 and we made our way to the restaurant for coffee and paninis and then had a walk around the ship. Though the sky was cloudless the wind had a chill to it and most people on deck were wearing jumpers or were laying on sun lounges wrapped in blankets (defeats the point), we could tell we were moving ever north. During the afternoon more were whales sighted.

The evening meal dictated we were to be dressed in red, green and white (couldn’t work out why). It is Italian night! We were treated to napkin waving songs, women dancing with the waiters and it was all finished off with a conga. A rather inebriated Irish passenger (aren’t they all) stood up and sang a song to the Italians (we were to annoyingly see a lot of this gentleman over the next week or so). Our waiter showed us another trick, and I showed the waiter a trick (but it didn’t work and cost me 2 Euro!)
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The entertainment in the theatre was an entertainer called Mike Pidone, his one man show was exceptional. He had a tremendous voice and sang tributes to Frank Sinatra, Pavaroti, Cruso etc. His stage presence was one of the best, if not the best I have seen, he knew how to work an audience. He did a take off of Ray Charles on the piano that was unbelievable. However, the Irish gentleman I mentioned earlier in the evening proved a bit of a problem for him. Pidone had met him in the bar earlier (surprise, surprise) and when he spotted him on the front row, invited him on the stage to sing a verse of ‘Moon River’. Mistake! Once up and singing he was difficult to shut up and embarrassingly when he was encouraged to sit back in his seat, after he had completed the entire song, he got back onto the stage to thank the Italian audience and wrap his green towel around Pidone. Thankfully he remained in his seat for the rest of the performance (or left to visit the bar again). Pidone’s version of Nessum Dorma as an encore was superb.

Afterwards on the way to the restaurant for coffee, another Irish lady in the lift to the upper decks we were sharing apologised and said she felt ashamed for being Irish (so they don’t all drink Guinness).

We sate with Jonathan and his mum for coffee and Mike Pidone came over and chatted. Nice bloke and fluent in at least 5 languages.

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