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Another Birthday

Posted in Uncategorized on Jun 15, 2008 by David Palmer
On Saturday we travelled up to Thurcroft to celebrate Nan reaching 80 years old. Jamie took Sarah in his car, Sue and I travelled up together and Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas jurneyed from Newark. We had booked a meal at ‘The Cartwheel’ which is in Brookhouse, it is just down the lane and Nan used to work there many years ago as a waitress. The meal was lovely,and though there was a disco dance afterwards, we left about 10.30pm as Nan was tired, Suraj had to drive back to Newark and Jamie had a party in Northampton to go to. We all had a very nice evening and Nan celebrated her 80th in style. Sue, Sarah and I stayed the night and travelled back to Harborough after breakfast on Sunday (Father’s Day).