• Last Wish

    The day after returning from Australia the family met in the evening for a meal. I had bought Sue a copper bracelet in Byron Bay with inset magnets to help her wrist ¬†and that evening I gave Charlotte and Sarah bracelets made of shells. Sunday was spent in the garden and allotments; weeding, planting, watering,… Continue Reading

  • Oz 8

    At 5.30am it was still dark enough to clearly see the Southern Cross directly overhead as I climbed out of the camper van. I noticed it first from its reflection through the gum trees in the little pool that we were parked next to. How apt I thought as this is the start of our… Continue Reading

  • Oz 7

    Another good nights sleep. This morning Jamie made coffee and breakfast while I had a shower. The shower blocks in both camp sites we have stayed in have been very good with plenty of hot water, though unlike Katoombah where the block was directly behind our van, the one here is a couple of minutes… Continue Reading

  • Oz 6

    A much warmer night had by us both. We even had to open one of the windows to keep cool. Only one sleeping bag used this time and 8am seemed to jump out with a bright yellow sun, blue sky and a very large bird doing a tap-dance on the roof. While Jamie showered, I… Continue Reading

  • Oz 5

    Strangely, despite being up in the Gods I had a warm and peaceful night’s sleep and Jamie complained he had another freezing night down in the hellish depth of Shiela. Possibly the reason was that I had used two sleeping bags and he hadn’t. I think to-night will not be so cold. Jamie’s alarm woke… Continue Reading

  • Oz 4

    Well, I slept as snug as a bug in a rug until Jamie clambered down from his heavenly roost at 8am. We have decided to swap alternately the sleeping arrangements. I smugly noted Jamie’s complaints on how he had passed a freezing and cramped night. There was frost on the ground this morning, but yet… Continue Reading

  • Oz 3

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! What a cold night. And …………. we had some rain and wind, that coupled with Jamie rattling and rocking the van when disembarking to visit the loo made for a disturbed night. However, I must have had a fair bit of sleep as I woke up at around 9am when Jamie returned to ‘Shiela’… Continue Reading

  • Oz 2

    I woke in the night feeling rather cold. On investigation (in the dark) I discovered the window wide open. Jamie had washed his underwear¬†before retiring and decided they would dry better with the window open. I shut it and went back to bed, sleeping soundly until 5am when both our body clocks woke us up.… Continue Reading

  • Oz 1

    What a horrible day to begin a journey! I had booked a stay at the Holiday Inn Express hotel that night, so that we would be conveniently close to Heathrow for our departure at noon the following day. As Monday was a working day for Jamie, we weren’t going to travel until he had got… Continue Reading

  • Home and Away

    Sue saw her doctor on the following Wednesday and by then the horrible looking blotches on both legs had started to disappear. He gave her some cream and tablets and over the next few days the legs continued to improve. At present you can still see the blemishes but they do not hurt ans she… Continue Reading