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Sick Sarah

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 30, 2007 by David Palmer
The only family news this week was Sarah falling foul of a sickness bug that refuese to go away. She went down with a headache and continual throwing up of anything she ate or drank and despite two visits to the Doctors and a trip to Kettering hospital today, she is still ill. However, during the last hour she has asked for a jacket potato, we shall see what happens with that! The tablets don’t stay down for long, hopefully King Edward will have more staying power.
My highlights of the week was that I cleaned out the greenhouse ready for the winter, and waterproofed the garage roof.
Jamies highlight was that he still has the same girlfriend for a week now, her name is Lara, unfortunately she is not related to the Crofts.
Sue has been tired all week, keeping Sarah company through the night.
Nan actually remebered to ring me (twice) this week. Not a lot of news, except Noel’s father had died of cancer and she didn’t know when the funeral was. Noel is an old school friend.
I am afraid I haven’t heard from Charlotte, but that means things are fine.  I believe they are thinbking of where to go on holiday, they have more than teachers do!

A very short blogg

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 23, 2007 by David Palmer
 Not much has happened to anybody in the family this week.  So here are the highlights:
* I had a seven ball finish at pool on Thursday night (3rd time in 54 years!)
* Sarah came 3rd at back stroke in a Gala on Saturday (her weakest stroke!)
* Jamie cleaned the inside of his car (again), the outside is still dirty,  and he bought two new front tyres.
* Sue booked her car in for a service and then annoyed the spiders by wiping their cobwebs from the windows outside (they were back the following day!)
* Lucas had his first swimming lesson with Charlotte.
* Nan came back from Wales as she had forgotten to take enough of her tablets to stay any longer.
* England beat Samoa and we had a BBQ afterwards.
* Chocolate and Honey (guinea pigs) were treated to pears from the fruit trees and stuffed themselves, nearly ended up on the BBQ!

Another quiet week

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 16, 2007 by David Palmer

Another fairly quiet week. School seems to have eased into a regular routine, 90% paperwork, 5% fielding petty complaints and 5% doing something worthwhile. If I had time, I think I should keep a note of activities and meetings that I have to deal with, that are just a complete waste of time, resources, money or just plain stupid. I could then put them in a book and retire on the proceeds (some OFSTED inspectors do). Even the NAHT (Headteachers Union) got me to read (took 20 mins) a circular that explained how burdensome bureaucracy was, and I shouldn’t waste my time on unnecessary paperwork as it was causing 66% of Headteachers to retire early. Too late, I had read it!


I did do some coaching at the rugby club on Thursday for the first time this season, and I really did enjoy it. I followed it up by carrying the First Aid kit at Saturdays Cup Match and satisfyingly they won 56:5. At least I did make difference to something this week.


Friday night, we had a BBQ with some friends and then we get very depressed watching England being outclassed by South Africa. Charlotte arrived at 9pm with Lucas. Suraj was relaying the wooden floor in the lounge over the week-end and the smell of the stain/wood preservative was overpowering. She brought Lucas out of the way, until it was all down.


Sue got in a couple of days supply on the two days that she is contracted to work, but she didn’t have to rush off anywhere else in the mornings through a late phone call.


Sarah had swimming gala on Saturday night. She didn’t get back until 11pm, but it was a successful meeting as the club retained its place in the 1st Division.


Sunday morning saw Sue, Charlotte, Sarah and Lucas off to a local car-boot sale. Two hours later they were back with more toys than your average 9 month old could play with in a life-time!!!!!


Jamie got his first proper pay packet on Friday, but as it was a cheque he will have to wait until it is cleared by the bank, so he is broke at the moment. However, though he did stay in on Saturday night (first time in a long time) he was off jet skiing with a friend on Sunday morning.


The rest of us, after Sunday lunch, went to another Farm Park with Lucas. The weather stayed fine, the animals were all cuddly (except for a pair of grumpy goats). We saw three trolls under a bridge, Sue and Lucas had a ride in barrel, Charlotte and Lucas played forever inside a plastic tunnel, Sarah put together an animal jigsaw (nearly) and I lost two bets on the piglet racing. A nice day.


Quiet week

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 11, 2007 by David Palmer
Monday saw me back at school. Not much to comment on; 7.00am until 6.00pm sifting through paper work everyday. I have destroyed the Brazilian Rainforest this week all on my own. Can’t remember any highlights other than I badgered the Educational Psychologist to do her job for once, annd turn up and actually SEE a child.
Charlotte had a flying lesson on Monday. She flew over Nan’s then popped over with Lucas and Suraj to spend the rest of the day with her. By all accounts they had a very nice time. Nan has had a stairlift put in the house to help her get upstairs, she also has a new flat screen TV to watch the sport on.
Jamie surprised me by suddenly deciding to clean the inside of his car (never done it before, probably won’t do it again!). I took a photo of it. At the weekend he was going to see his girlfriend in Mansfield, but she ditched him and he stayed home. A waste of a clean car!
I drove up to Nan’s on Friday night, tried the stairlift. Too slow and not half as exciting as a quad bike. I must be getting old now, the new TV was ok but too complicated and I couldn’t work out how to switch from terrestrial to satellite smoothly. I pulled up the onions in the garden and dried them, they are a good crop this year. We watched the Rugby, soccer and cricket and for once the good guys won.
Sarah had a quiet week at school, lots of homework and eventually got tonsilitis on Friday. Spent the week-end on the settee watching videos. We did watch Casino Royale on Sunday night, I really enjoyed it, quite surprising.

Back Home!

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Well we got back ok. Flight was with EVA again and was excellent. When there is a good entertainment system on board, good food served and ample leg room. The downside is that we are back! Had a problem driving the car back from Heathrow as I couldn’t remember how to drive it, and things didn’t start well when I stalled the engine entering the M25, as I had forgotten that it wasn’t automatic anymore and you have to press the clutch. Then, there were those stupid London drivers, who didn’t understand that when I put my windscreen wipers on, I was changing lanes!!!!!! Obvious isn’t it? We got home at 11.30pm on Sunday. Woke up to the radio on Monday informing us that a light aircraft had crashed onto the A6 between Northampton and Mkt. Harborough just after 11.00pm last night, killing two. Lucky escape, we were on that road, just after 11.00pm.


A little holiday extra: I was watching Thai TV one morning (in English) and I recognised the person being interviewed. It was the General, whose wife was having a birthday at the Boathouse Resort (Sue chatted to him). He is actually running the country. He is the head of the Armed forces who kicked Thaksin (Man City owner and ex Thai Prime minister)) out of the country. As Sue said, “He seemed such a nice man.”


Since being back we have had problems with jet-lag and keep waking up at 3.00am, but things are slowly getting back to normal. The pool was black when inspected, but a few brushings with the hose has put it back to its usual blue and crystal clear state. However, it’s too cold to swim in it while we have been back. All the vegetables were ready for picking, and it has been a bumper year for plums and pears. Though there is a tonne of tomatoes in the greenhouse they are particularly tasteless. The guinea-pigs were glad to see us, as I suspect they haven’t been going out as often as they should have.


Sue has been busy washing everything and shopping to fill the empty fridges and larder (she always empties them before we go away for the summer, it has something to do with me switching the power off twice on past holidays and coming back to 6 week ripe food).


I went into school on Tuesday and Wednesday (Teacher days) to find that the builders hadn’t finished re-modelling part of the school. Everything was in boxes and there was no office. It took the two days to just get everything back to where it should have been. Then, the children arrived on Thursday (keen, excited and full of energy and in new uniform, everything I’m not!) I can’t help feeling depressed at what my new temporary role is forcing me to do. I woke up to the radio announcing on Thursday that 1/3 of all Primary Headships are unfilled and recruitment is low. I am not surprised. I have just put in 2 days of  7.00am to 6.00pm (with eating lunch at a desk on top of a mound of paper). Three highlights were; taking assembly on Thursday, installing a new printer into the office (took 5 mins), and  shredding a document (30 seconds), I actually enjoyed that. The rest was filling in forms, finding data, talking to grey suits from County Hall (they have no sense of humour, live boring lives, and consider trivia as being the whole purpose of existence!) about issues that have nothing to do with the Education of children. Oh yes, we had a fire drill, that go me out of the office for 10 mins. The staff are brilliant and are just getting on with things as they always have done and chatting to each other about what they did over the summer. It’s ironic that I haven’t spoken to anyone about what I did over the summer, I haven’t had the time and it hasn’t occurred to me! I expect things will get better as I reconcile myself to this role, after all it IS only temporary AND I am retiring in July!!!


Jamie is on a roll!! At present he can do no wrong! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he had driving lessons with Sue in Kettering. On Thursday he PASSED his driving test. He only had 3 minors and said that he knew he was going to pass as it felt as if he had driven perfectly. The examiner told Sue that he had been the best candidate they had had that week. Thursday he was also called for an interview for an apprentice ship AND he got it. ALSO, college confirmed his place on the course for the second year (they took 16 out of the 33 from the previous year). On Friday he, drove 125 miles to and from Mansfield to see his girlfriend. And then did it again on Saturday. On Saturday morning we installed the radio/CD/DVD/video/mp3 player into his car. He bought it in Thailand, and I was sceptical that it would work, but it does and went in with relatively little fuss.


Sarah kept her promise. In Thailand, I had confessed to her one afternoon that I was dying for a nice Ploughman’s lunch and I then went on to tell her what I thought constituted the perfect Ploughman’s. She promised that when we got home she would make me one, and she did. It was on Wednesday lunchtime (I came home from school specially) and it was PERFECT, if not a little too large. I finished it off for supper. She seems to have made a good start at Robert Smyth School, had some friends around to visit and watched a lot DVD’s and played on her keyboard.


Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ. I had invited Jim and Brigitte around to say thank you for looking after the pool and garden over the summer. I had bought him a bottle of Thai whisky, but Sue told me that he didn’t like whisky and that the last bottle I had given him, he had given away. I shall have to use it when I pickle some onions in a few weeks time. We showed a video of our holiday and drank a bit. A nice evening.


On Sunday we went to Charlottes, it was her birthday (25 yrs now) and on Wednesday it will be Suraj’s. We all went, including Jamie who was a bit miffed he wasn’t driving. It was fun on the way there, I now have 3 driving experts in the car, explaining how bad my driving is. They put it down to my age and suggested that I should give up before I have an accident. Funny how I managed to get them there and back without incident, yet we passed two nasty accidents on the way! It was lovely to see how fast Lucas is growing up, scooting everywhere, grabbing everything and shoving anything small enough into his mouth. Charlotte had booked us into an Indian restaurant for lunch and it was really superb, I came away stuffed. Afterwards, we went to White Post Farm Park, supposedly  for Lucas to see the animals. However, I think Suraj, Jamie, Sarah and Charlotte had more fun breaking the rules of age and size on all the rides and activities. Sue and I just stood back, looked after Lucas and pretended we didn’t know them. It had been forecast rain but it held off until we left at 5pm. We went back to Charlotte’s before heading home as Suraj had put together a computer for Sarah to use for her schoolwork (she had destructed her laptop a couple of months ago). Luckily, I managed to get us back to Harborough in the driving rain and heavy Sunday night traffic without the expected fatal accident that has been predicted. I don’t know how I do it.