• Sick Sarah

    The only family news this week was Sarah falling foul of a sickness bug that refuese to go away. She went down with a headache and continual throwing up of anything she ate or drank and despite two visits to the Doctors and a trip to Kettering hospital today, she is still ill. However, during the last… Continue Reading

  • A very short blogg

     Not much has happened to anybody in the family this week.  So here are the highlights: * I had a seven ball finish at pool on Thursday night (3rd time in 54 years!) * Sarah came 3rd at back stroke in a Gala on Saturday (her weakest stroke!) * Jamie cleaned the inside of his… Continue Reading

  • Another quiet week

      Another fairly quiet week. School seems to have eased into a regular routine, 90% paperwork, 5% fielding petty complaints and 5% doing something worthwhile. If I had time, I think I should keep a note of activities and meetings that I have to deal with, that are just a complete waste of time, resources,… Continue Reading

  • Quiet week

    Monday saw me back at school. Not much to comment on; 7.00am until 6.00pm sifting through paper work everyday. I have destroyed the Brazilian Rainforest this week all on my own. Can’t remember any highlights other than I badgered the Educational Psychologist to do her job for once, annd turn up and actually SEE a child.… Continue Reading

  • Back Home!

      Well we got back ok. Flight was with EVA again and was excellent. When there is a good entertainment system on board, good food served and ample leg room. The downside is that we are back! Had a problem driving the car back from Heathrow as I couldn’t remember how to drive it, and… Continue Reading