Another quiet week

Another fairly quiet week. School seems to have eased into a regular routine, with 90% paperwork, 5% fielding petty complaints and 5% doing something worthwhile. If I had time, I think I should keep a note of activities and meetings that I have to deal with, that are just a complete waste of time, resources, money or just plain stupid. I could then put them in a book and retire on the proceeds (some OFSTED inspectors do). Even the NAHT (Headteachers Union) got me to read (took 20 mins) a circular that explained how burdensome bureaucracy was, the message was I shouldn’t waste my time on unnecessary paperwork as it was causing 66% of Headteachers to retire early. Too late, I had read it!


I did some coaching at the rugby club on Thursday for the first time this season, and I really enjoyed it. I followed it up by carrying the First Aid kit at Saturday’s Cup Match and satisfyingly they won 56:5. At least I did make difference to something this week.


On Friday night, we had a BBQ with some friends, afterwards, we got very depressed watching England being outclassed by South Africa. Charlotte arrived at 9pm with Lucas, Suraj was relaying the wooden floor in the lounge over the weekend and the smell of the stain/wood preservative was overpowering. Sensibly she brought Lucas to be out of the way until it was finished.


Sue got in a couple of days’ supply and for once it wasn’t after a very late phone call to cover an emergency.


Sarah had a swimming gala on Saturday night and didn’t get back until 11pm. It was a successful meeting, and the club retained its place in the 1st Division.


Sunday morning saw Sue, Charlotte, Sarah and Lucas off to a local car-boot sale. Two hours later they were back with more toys than your average 9-month-old could play with in a lifetime!!!!!


Jamie got his first proper pay packet on Friday, but as it was a cheque he will have to wait until it is cleared by the bank. However, though he did stay home on Saturday night (the first time in a long time), he was off jet skiing with a friend on Sunday morning. The rest of the family, after Sunday lunch, went to another Farm Park with Lucas. The weather stayed fine, and the animals were all cuddly (except for a pair of grumpy goats). Among other things, we saw three trolls under a bridge and Sue and Lucas managed a barrel ride. Charlotte then played with Lucas played inside a huge, fortunately, Aplastic tunnel, while Sarah put together an animal jigsaw (nearly). Unfortunately, I lost two bets on some very competitive piglet racing. We had a nice but strange day.

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