Quiet week

Monday saw me back at school. Not much to comment on; 7.00am until 6.00pm sifting through paper work everyday. I have destroyed the Brazilian Rainforest this week all on my own. Can’t remember any highlights other than I badgered the Educational Psychologist to do her job for once, annd turn up and actually SEE a child.
Charlotte had a flying lesson on Monday. She flew over Nan’s then popped over with Lucas and Suraj to spend the rest of the day with her. By all accounts they had a very nice time. Nan has had a stairlift put in the house to help her get upstairs, she also has a new flat screen TV to watch the sport on.
Jamie surprised me by suddenly deciding to clean the inside of his car (never done it before, probably won’t do it again!). I took a photo of it. At the weekend he was going to see his girlfriend in Mansfield, but she ditched him and he stayed home. A waste of a clean car!
I drove up to Nan’s on Friday night, tried the stairlift. Too slow and not half as exciting as a quad bike. I must be getting old now, the new TV was ok but too complicated and I couldn’t work out how to switch from terrestrial to satellite smoothly. I pulled up the onions in the garden and dried them, they are a good crop this year. We watched the Rugby, soccer and cricket and for once the good guys won.
Sarah had a quiet week at school, lots of homework and eventually got tonsilitis on Friday. Spent the week-end on the settee watching videos. We did watch Casino Royale on Sunday night, I really enjoyed it, quite surprising.

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