• Moving on……

    14/07/20 The UK has recorded 138 corona-virus deaths in the past 24 hours. the Government announced that people must have their nose and mouth covered when going shopping or risk a £100 fine from July 24. With concerns for security the government has banned the purchase of new Huawei equipment by UK telecoms operators from… Continue Reading

  • Continuing……

    05/07/20 22 people have died after testing positive for corona-virus, the total number of deaths in the UK to 44,220. The UK clapped once again on the NHS’ 72nd anniversary. Kanye West announced a surprise presidential campaign for the 2020 US election. NEWS PAPER HEADLINE: Market town turns into ‘war zone’ as ‘300 invaders from… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 41

    02/07/20 The number of corona-virus deaths in hospitals in the UK rose by 44. Greater Manchester Police has cancelled all leave to ensure it can mount a “significant operation” as pubs reopen on Saturday, the area’s mayor has said. A wise move I think and should probably be followed by other cities this weekend. A… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 40

    29/06/20 UK coronavirus deaths rise by 25 to 43,575. Parents in England risk being fined if they do not send their children back to school when they reopen in September, the education secretary has warned. Greece has banned British tourists until July 15th. Italy will be banning all hand luggage on national and international flights… Continue Reading