• Normality

    Quite soon after Sarah had finished her exams she caught the train to Nottingham to see Lee. On Friday I took Nan back to Thurcroft and on the return I detoured via  Cotgrave to pick Sarah up. They were still on their way back from lunch when I arrived, so I had a short wait… Continue Reading

  • Overload!!!!

    It has been a couple of weeks since the last time I put finger to keyboard and reported on family goings on. Things have been happening at such a rate that I haven’t had a chance to spend time on the computer. Here is what I can remember: On the health front I have managed… Continue Reading

  • Out with the old

    On Sunday night I took Nan back to Thurcroft. The weather during her stay had been rather chilly due to an incessant wind that started when she arrived and didn’t abate until I took her back. I am not sure if there was any link between the two, but it restricted the outings in her… Continue Reading