Quite soon after Sarah had finished her exams she caught the train to Nottingham to see Lee. On Friday I took Nan back to Thurcroft and on the return I detoured via  Cotgrave to pick Sarah up. They were still on their way back from lunch when I arrived, so I had a short wait and passed the time talking to their dog on the back garden. It was nice to meet Lee’s parents, though I didn’t stay long as Sarah was all packed ready (for once!) and I was baby sitting for Charlotte and had to get back.

Charlotte was already there with the little ones when we got back. Sue had been in school and was sorting out tea. Charlotte went next door for some Crystal Therapy and Sarah and I played with the boys. Suraj was in Newark at a friends’ leaving do (redundancy) and wasn’t due back until late that night. Charlotte was also out at a late do and we were looking after the boys. Suraj arrived around 11.00pm, Ellis was fast asleep and Lucas was slowing down. I believe they both got quite lively again on the journey to Rothwell.

On Saturday Sue and I drove to Launde Abbey to join a Harborough Council guided walk. The weather forecast wasn’t good but we were lucky. We walked just under 5.5 miles through some lovely countryside (very enjoyable), we came across quite a lot of horses that I suspect were for the French meat market.

Afterwards we had coffee at the Abbey.The receptionist offered to take us around the building to see the £2.5 million renovation work, of course we jumped at it. A very beautiful place, with lots of period features and had been host to quite a lot of Bishops etc. That night Sue and I went to the Film Club at Harborough Theatre to see ‘Paul’ a comedy based around a road trip across America by two Brits. Highly amusing.

Jamie sold his car on Saturday, I believe he got just £100 less than he paid for it 2 years ago, so he didn’t do too bad. I warned the young lad that had bought it, to be careful  as it was ‘seriously fast’, afterwards I thought that probably was not the right thing to have said.

On Sunday he bought a Peugeot diesel, he paid £400 for it. One of his friend’s drove him over top Coventry to get it. The plan is to use it as a cheap run-a-bout for 6 months, save up and buy a decent car. Sue put the money from the sale of his car in the safe, I think that is probably safer than in his bank account.

Sunday was a very hot day. We had a family BBQ for lunch. I went into the pool with Lucas and Sarah for a splash around and a cool down. Ellis was quite jealous and wanted to get into the pool as well so we had to keep an eye on him (he moves fast). Harley had come with Jamie but didn’t stay for lunch as he was off to Coventry later to get the car. As we were all stuffed with food and it was so hot, we all found little corners for a quite snooze. Unexpectedly (honest), a New Zealand friend knocked on the door and asked if I was watching the Junior World Cup Final (England  v New Zealand) at the Angel. Reluctantly I left the family sleeping to watch England play better than the All Blacks, yet still managed to contrive a defeat.

Miscellaneous: The allotments are again weed free. I had to prune the vines as some of them have grapes on them and this year I want the vines to concentrate on growing as big as possible . Sue visited the Welland Park allotment for the first time and picked  the fruit that were ripe. At the Douglas drive allotment I picked a row of broad beans and yesterday we shelled and froze them. I have started to trim the hedges around the back garden, a job I don’t look forward to as the firs release a chemical that irritates my skin, though I do love the smell of liquorice  and lemon that the two varieties give off that are growing there.

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