• Marrakech (A Sahara Trek)

    Awake at 2 am on the 12th of March I packed my case and rucksack into Sue’s Mini and set off for Stansted Airport, picking up Jim Hankers and Jeremy Brown by 3 am in Harborough. Paul Bissell was taking Jim Crawford and Sean Perry in his car and we were to meet in the… Continue Reading

  • A Birthday, Snow and Marrakech

    The ten-hour flight from Los Angeles went quickly, as soon as the in-flight dinner was consumed it seemed that breakfast was being served. Probably thanks to being seated in a pair of seats towards the rear of the aircraft, instead of the usual three or four arrangement, the eight-hour period between meals must have been… Continue Reading

  • Sea Days to Mexico (nearly not)

    24.02.23 Sea Day Although already practised in the routine of the Crown Princess’s sea days we still woke early, joining other early birds for breakfast. Sea conditions were fairly rough causing the ship to move randomly, walking around the decks was fine though stairways demanded the use of the handrails. During the morning we managed… Continue Reading