• Oceana 5

    Agadir today, so an early breakfast and then a trip onto the deck to watch the ship dock. A sunny warm day, clear blue skies, in contrast to the heavy snow being suffered by those back home. I wonder if Suraj is making use of the Zipfy we bought him for Christmas? We sat in… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 4

    A sea day today, so we weren’ t surprised when we were only the second couple in to breakfast at 8am, even by the time we had finished there couldn’ t have been more than half a dozen souls hungry for further sustenance. Returning to the cabin we donned thick sweaters for a turn around… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 3

    Woke at 7.30am, switched on the TV and clicked over to the channel showing the camera on the bow. Still dark but there were some twinkling lights around that were smudged with what I guessed was rain! Breakfast in Jardine then onto the deck to check where we were. The ship was slowly progressing passed… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 2

    Excellent night’s sleep and Sue woke saying that her wrist felt much better, despite it being still very swollen. Breakfast was in Jardine and I had a couple of wonderful poached eggs on a bun base laid on a bed of fresh salmon and topped with an exquisite sauce that had just a hint of… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 1

    It was 12.15am before the sheets got snuggled into. The random movements of the ship were soon ignored and the Land of Nod enveloped the cabin. It was 7.30am when I woke and then showered. Sue’s wrist is quite swollen and tender, though no signs of bruising have yet appeared. When we were both ready… Continue Reading

  • The Viscosity of Seagull Poo

    Sue and I set off for Southampton at 10.30am on Sunday morning. The journey down was quite uneventful and for once we didn’ t stop on route to explore some feature of the English countryside that we had pre-researched. We arrived at the Star Hotel (old coaching inn) just after 1pm and checked in. The… Continue Reading

  • Saying Goodbye

    The trauma of the past few weeks has left ¬†us all drained. After the necessary contacting of relatives and Nan’s friends and informing them of the sad news, having to relate the events of the past weeks did not help the emotions. A couple of days after Nan passed away the Rothwells, Sarah and I… Continue Reading

  • The Hardest Blog Of All

    On the day that Sue and I met up with Philippa at Tortworth Court (7th), Nan had a couple of visitors. Ann and Susan Ashworth (nieces) from Yorkshire had decided to visit for the very first time. She took them to the Farm Shop for lunch and by all accounts they had a lovely time… Continue Reading