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He looks like his dad!

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Sue, Lucas and I drove up to Lincoln during the afternoon and stayed  a few hours to see Ellis. Charlotte looked radiant, in fact in complete contrast to how she looked after the birth of Lucas. I remember how haggard she appeared then. Though she looked as if she had just been in a film shoot for a baby magazine, on closer examination she was hooked up to a pipe and was taking pain killers. She had had a nightmare of a time and it shows what a brave daughter we have, to smile and look so pleased to see us, when she was obviously in great discomfort. Both parents had suffered through the night and seeing Lucas was a tonic that they needed. The Caesarian did not go well with more complications than I can describe, but hopefully Charlotte will recover quickly, though I suspect there is going to be at least a week in hospital.

Ellis was asleep most of the time we were there (even when Sue gave him a bottle) and I was rate chuffed (Yorkshire phrase) when Suraj and Charlotte told me that his middle name was to be David (it pays to install wardrobes). I took a load of photos and have included some them with this blog. You can see that he is going to be the image of his dad. He (like his dad) seems to have a healthy apetite for his food and gulped his milk down as hast as he could, without bothering to open his eyes.
We set off home with Lucas at around 5.30pm, stopping once to clear up the sick on the back seat (Lucas eating too many sweets), it brought back a lot of memories. Sarah and Jamie were on their way to Lincoln to see Ellis as we drove south. Sarah had started her job and couldn’t travel with us. They ware hoping to see him in the evening visit session. I hope it doesn’t tire Charlotte out.

News Flash

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Ellis has arrived! Charlotte went into Lincoln Hospital yesterday late afternoon when contractions were every 5 minutes. The birth did not go well as Ellis was in the wrong position with back to back (not sure what that means). This caused Charlotte a lot of pain throughout the night and she was given pain killers and early this morning when Ellis had not made an appearance it was decided to operate. Around 8 am she went into theatre and Ellis emerged at 7lbs 8 ounces (I think). Both are fine. Suraj sounded quite exhausted (it’s tough on the men too!). We shall travel up this afternoon to see her and Ellis, and hopefully she would have had a sleep and a chance to recover. It looks like she will be in hospital for  3-4 days.

Photographs and more news to follow after visit.

Waiting, waiting, waiting ………

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As the title suggests we are still waiting for the baby to arrive. The weather has been variable since the last blog, no dips in the pool and quite a few days watching the garden soak up some much needed rainwater. However we have all managed to keep very busy, and rushing around and doing jobs seems to have been the way of things the last few weeks.

Pregnancy News: Believe it or not Charlotte is even bigger (last estimate an 8lb baby). I would take a photo to prove how it is possible for the human body to achieve elephantine proportions, but I don’t have a wide angle lens on my camera and probably would only manage the belly button. She is always tired now and is looking forward to the birth (can’t come soon enough). The baby (Ellis) is due on Wednesday, but if he doesn’t put in an appearance then, he will be induced. I am not sure how they will do that but if is anything like me, just offer to take him out to the pub and he will be there.  Suraj, (though not pregnant) looks as if he could do with a spell in hospital laying an his back. He seems to have had very little sleep, not from the worry of having a baby (been there before), more from sleeping in a bed that has less and less space in it, next to a hippo that waddles regularly to the loo for a dip in the water throughout the night. I remember those times and thank heaven that we had a spare bedroom!

House Hunting News: Sue appears to have taken on board the role of Chief Property Assessor and scans the paper and internet for properties that have come on the market. As soon as she spots one, a text is fired off to Charlotte. The whole Newark clan came down last week-end to scour the area for houses up-for-sale. They had been very efficient, appointments had been organised and a plan of attack had been devised. Suraj made a detour on the way down via Thrapston to drop off an application for a job with the council. We looked after Lucas while Suraj and Charlotte toured the southern half of Leicester and a bit of Northamptonshire.

Later they rang us to ask if I could go and look at a house with them and give them my thoughts. The appointment was for 1.30pm. At 12.30pm a phone call came in asking if I could go and pick Charlotte up as mysteriously the car keys had been locked inside the boot while they had been looking at a house. Sue wrote down the address and I jumped into the car, set the SatNav and sped off. As I passed Jamie’s place of work I stopped the car and reset the SatNav to the post code given. As I suspected, I should have been making my way to Rushton and not Rushden. When I checked there was a Midland Road in BOTH places! I rang Charlotte to confirm and then retraced my steps. I arrived as the AA man was scratching his head at the back of their car. BMW’s are very difficult to break into, especially the boot. I picked Charlotte up and we drove to the house for consideration. Suraj wasn’t long before he also arrived, they had to rewire the car electrics to gain access to the boot. The house a lot of rooms and a very large garden and was in in good condition. I think they are keen on it.

They now have put their own house on the market and from this week it will be advertised.

DIY News: I drove up to Nan’s last week and  replaced a small side window that had gone rotten. The forecast weather was for thunderstorms and floods. Luckily, the rest of Yorkshire drowned, but Thurcroft remained dry. Sarah was staying at Charlotte’s to keep her company and I had to pick her up the following day (Monday) as she had an interview at ‘Saver’s’ in Harborough for a holiday job. Nan declined to come south with me as the weather was not good. Sarah got her job.

The rugby Club had a Maintenance Day last Saturday and I went and painted a couple of windows and a door during the afternoon. There was a BBQ with free beer for those that helped. I did not partake in any of the sustenance, due to a little too much imbibing of both (particularly the latter) the previous night at a Corporate freebie at Leicester Tigers in the National 7’s Competition, where the food and bar were free from 5.30 – 11.00pm, my systems were not firing on all cylinders.

Yesterday, I travelled up to Charlotte’s to do a spot of DIY (scraping and painting) in their kitchen and also pick Sarah up (She had returned during the week) as she had a blood test on Monday and driving lesson on Tuesday. It was decided that as the birth was close, Lucas should return with us. Also, I made a detour to Cotgrave to pick up Lee, who was going to stay for a few days.

Replaced 2 security lights on the outside of the house that had broken during the winter, and repaired a chair that Sue had fallen off and broken (she still bounces, but the chair was old).

Miscellaneous News: Do you know there was a time when I had to look in the dictionary to spell miscellaneous (or, I used the phrase ‘other’ when I couldn’t be bothered). But I have been spelling it correctly for years now! Still can’t spell diahorrea, dhiaorea, diahorea ……….  the runs!!! I have played a tennis twice this last fortnight (used to play 3/4 times a week), but only managed to play 1 set each time. Suffered for it the following day! Also, went for another pleasant walk, Ashley to Rockingham, along the disused railway line with Roger and Jim. Lovely warm day and we had lunch in a pub. Jamie informs me that he is going to start saving money ‘big time’ and is going to open another ISA (cash), and probably some saving bonds. He has been talking to the guys and work and they have suggested he starts saving for his future, rather than spend all his money on his car. We shall see. Our pigeons have made another nest on the other side of the apple tree. Cooey has laid another and is busy sitting on it. Not sure what was wrong with the other nest, but with the new one they can see into the kitchen! David and Genya are returning from Bulgaria next week, for Genya’s daughter’s wedding, They are going to stay a couple of weeks before returning.

Still waiting!


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It was drizzling the last time I wrote a blog and it is drizzling today. However, in between it has been rather hot and sunny. For the first time since we moved here it has been worthwhile having a pool. It is so nice being able to have a nice cooling dip to recover from the 30 degree heat. A couple of times this week I have nearly fallen asleep on the Lillo gently floating with eyes shut, in full sun! There is quite a bit of news, other than the garden is doing very well (because I am not water metered and can water the veggies) and Spain quite rightly winning the World Cup.

NEWS1: Nan’s house is now fully painted (outside only). I drove up to Yorkshire and spent 3 days up a ladder painting the walls in ‘Cottage stone’. If I never see another ladder again, it will be too soon! By the third day I was getting a headache and my eyes were aching. Nan kept complaining that she was feeling tired with watching me working and with the heat (as she sat in front of the air-con unit I had bought her). Having my nose 30cm away from a wall, stuck on top of a ladder for 3 days was the cause of my vision problems, as I found out when I had an optician appointment this week! I now have 2 new pair of glasses on order. It would probably have been cheaper to have paid someone else to paint the house. Anyway, the house does look nice and puts the rest of the road to shame. Though I offered to bring her back to Harborough with me, she refused, obviously preferring to cash in by selling tickets to the locals on a conducted tour of the ‘very stately’ homestead.

NEWS2: I write a news letter for the Rugby Club and last week had to report the death of one of the older members (I shall be going to his funeral this afternoon). This weeks’ news letter had a report of one of the younger members (18yrs), he tragically died on holiday of an asthma attack, very sad.

NEWS3: Charlotte hasn’t been feeling well and was diagnosed by the hospital as having Diabetes. It will make the birth rather complicated, they want her to go into hospital next week, and they may keep her their until the baby arrives. Hopefully, it is something called pregnancy diabetes and is not long lasting. The baby is certainly making himself known as bits of Charlotte’s tummy occasionally have odd lumps sticking out as he flexes a foot or most often his bum!

NEWS4: Charlotte and Suraj have decided to move closer to Mum & Dad. When Charlotte and Lucas arrived on Friday we were given the news and on Saturday and Sunday toured the area between Harborough and the A1 to look at houses. No doubt they will have to commute to Newark until they get jobs closer. Suraj didn’t come down with them as he was at home chopping logs for the winter, but I think he was avoiding seeing the grandparents as during the previous week he had cut Lucas’s hair and now he looks like Yule Brynner (or, England lager drinker without the beer gut). He won’t do it again, I am sure, or he will get more than his legacy cut off.

NEWS5: Harley came back from Crete and according to Jamie, they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend again. She obviously had a good time and was very brown when she came around on Friday for tea. Jamie went to Leicester on Saturday morning on a management course. He had enrolled himself, his work was paying for it and it is equivalent to an ‘A’ level. It should be a useful qualification to have and I have promised to help him if he needs it.

NEWS6: We had Lee down last week-end. He was quiet and was obviously worried about his father. This week-end Sara went up to Nottingham and accompanied Lee to see his dad. Though he has lost quite a bit of weight, things are slowly improving. These things can take such a long time.

NEWS7: Sarah is now starting to drive. She has started lessons with an instructor and so far I have taken her out twice in Sue’s car. She shows promise and I am sure it won’t be long before she is ready for her test.

NEWS8: Jamie’s stocks and shares ISA made £1.25 this month (he informs me).

Summer Days

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Unusually for the last few weeks it is drizzling outside, I have just brought the washing in from the line, made a coffee from our new ‘Tefal Quick-cup’ and decided to write this before picking Sarah up from School at 10.30am (she has along break in between lessons and likes to come home).

We are all waiting for Charlotte and the baby to get their act together. This hot weather is making things uncomfortable for Charlotte, I am told that she spends her days sitting in Lucas’s paddling pool trying to keep cool. Perhaps the break in the weather might speed things up. Lucas had a day at his new school in preparation for the start of the Autumn Term, and by all accounts loved it. As he was not very impressed when told that he was having a baby brother (wanted a sister), his new school should take his mind off having to share his toys. Not heard anything about Suraj, but no doubt he is keeping a low profile. I remember when Sue was in the later stages of her pregnancies, irrationality and unreasonableness ruled and I soon worked out that it was much better to stay out of the way until really needed.

Nan has been watching a lot of sport on her new HD Skybox. She had a day trip to Bridlington this week, there was quite a bit of sea fog and she couldn’t see far, so she had a pleasant day in the town, shopping. It seemed to tire her out as she went straight to bed when she returned at 7.30pm (I know how she feels). She tells me that the garden is looking good and the potatoes and onions are ready for picking. I bought her an air-con unit a round 3 years ago, and it has had very little use for the last 2 years, but it appears to be a godsend this year. I shall be popping up some time next week to paint the outside of the house.

Sue and I have been doing a few days in school, but not so much as previous. We are both up to date with the washing and the garden looks nice. The other day I made Elder flower Cordial, tastes gorgeous. I shall make some more as Sue has taken a liking to it and it is disappearing fast. We must have been thinking about the Autumn as we have booked a week away (with Sarah) to the Azores in October. It is very volcanic and we must confess to feeling a little guilty as disaster usually visits any place we have visited soon after we have left! I suppose it will be an eruption? You heard it first, here!

I had a very pleasant walk along the Welland Valley last week with Roger and Jim. We traced the old Harborough to Peterborough line. It was quite overgrown, and it was a challenge in 2 places to get across the  River Welland as the bridges had been taken down. It was the hottest day of the summer so far, and it was a relief to get to our destination, the ‘George’ at Ashley. We did have an England v Germany BBQ with friends, and pool was cool, the meat was tasty and the England team were rubbish. Lost interest now, don’t care, stuff ‘em!

Jamie and Harley are now officially friends and not boy friend and girlfriend (not sure what that means). They had a bit of a fallout, no doubt due to Jamie’s callous attitude to the female of the species. We still see Harley each week and things appear to be fine, but I think she has lost patience with him. She flew off to Crete with some friends on Thursday and we hope she comes back refreshed. As a family we have got quite used to her being around, she is always very pleasant, chatty and kind and it will be a loss if Jamie doesn’t mend his ways.

Got to pick up Sarah now, and must remember to book her some driving lessons!