• He looks like his dad!

    Sue and I drove to Lincoln with Lucas the afternoon of the birth, we stayed a couple of hours to see Ellis and the relieved parents. Despite the gruelling ordeal of giving birth, Charlotte looked radiant, a complete contrast to how we remember she looked after the birth of Lucas. In spite of looking as… Continue Reading

  • News Flash

    31.07.2010 Ellis has arrived! Charlotte was rushed into Lincoln Hospital late yesterday afternoon when her contractions were every five minutes. Unfortunately, the birth did not go well as Ellis was in the wrong position, back to back (not sure what that means). This caused Charlotte an awful lot of pain throughout the night and had… Continue Reading

  • Waiting, waiting, waiting ………

    As the title suggests we are still waiting for Charlotte’s baby boy to arrive. The weather has been variable since the last blog, there have been no cooling-off dips in the pool and quite a few days have been spent watching the garden soak up much-needed moisture from frequent showers. However, the family has managed… Continue Reading

  • Phew!!!

    It was drizzling the last time I wrote the previous blog and it is drizzling today. However, in between these blogs, it has been very hot and sunny. For the first time since we moved to Willow Bank, the pool has come into its own. It is so refreshing to be able to have a… Continue Reading

  • Summer Days

    Unusually for a British summer, over the last few weeks, there have been regular drizzly showers, giving me ample opportunity to write a blog. Having just rapidly brought the washing in for the hundredth time, made myself a cup of coffee with our new ‘Tefal Quick-cup’ I am going to write this blog before I… Continue Reading