It was drizzling the last time I wrote the previous blog and it is drizzling today. However, in between these blogs, it has been very hot and sunny. For the first time since we moved to Willow Bank, the pool has come into its own. It is so refreshing to be able to have a lovely cooling dip and recover from the oppressive 30° C temperature. A couple of times this week I have nearly fallen asleep on an inflatable lilo, gently floating with eyes shut, in full sun! On another watery topic, because our water use isn’t metered the garden and vegetable patches have had their thirst kept at bay with regular evening spraying and fruit, flowers and vegetables are looking exceptional.

It is worth a mention that Spain quite rightly won the recent World Cup finals.

The outside of Nan’s house has now been fully painted in a ‘Cottage Stone’ colour. It took me three dry and sunny days with little wind as I stood precariously perched on a ladder, dabbing and brushing away. If I never see another ladder again, it will be too soon! By the third day, I was getting a headache and my eyes were aching. Nan complained that she felt tired just watching me work in the heat and frequently disappeared into the house to cool off in front of the air-con unit I had bought her. I am sure that having my nose focussing thirty centimetres away from a bright reflective wall for three days exacerbated my current vision problem. After a visit to the opticians a few days later, I now have two new pairs of glasses on order. I think it would probably have been much cheaper to have paid someone to paint the house. However, the outside looks nice and puts the rest of the road to shame. I offered to take her back to Harborough with me, but she refused, probably preferring to cash in by selling tickets for conducted tours of the now ‘very stately’ homestead.

In my spare time, I write a weekly newsletter for Harborough Rugby Club, sadly, last week I reported the death of one of its older members, and I shall be attending his funeral this afternoon. And regrettably, I also reported that of one of the club’s younger members (18yrs) tragically died on holiday from an asthma attack.

Charlotte hasn’t been feeling well recently and has been diagnosed like Nan as having Diabetes. Worryingly it will make the birth of the coming baby boy rather more complicated. It has been recommended that she goes into the hospital next week, and she may stay there until the baby arrives. Hopefully, it is something called ‘Gestational diabetes‘ and will not be long-lasting. The little lad is certainly making himself known, bits of Charlotte’s tummy regularly have odd lumps randomly sticking out as he flexes a foot or most often his bum!

Charlotte and Suraj have decided to move home closer to their grandparents. Charlotte and Lucas came to stay for a few days over the weekend and gave us the news. On Saturday and Sunday, we toured the area between Harborough and the A1 to look at suitable properties. No doubt they will have to commute to Newark for work until they find jobs closer. Suraj didn’t come with them as he was busy chopping logs for the winter, but I think he may have been avoiding the grandparents as the previous week he had cut Lucas’s hair who now looks like Yule Brynner I am sure he won’t be doing won’t do it again, or he may get more than his legacy cut off.

Harley came back from Crete and according to Jamie, they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend again. She reported to having a good time, looking very brown when she came to tea on Friday. Jamie enrolled himself on a management course in Leicester, work was paying for it and it is equivalent to an ‘A’ level. It should be a useful qualification and I have promised to help him if he needs it. Jamie has invested in stocks and shares ISA and gleefully informed me that he has made £1.25 this month, a future millionaire in the making.

Lee arrived and stayed last weekend. He was very quiet and was obviously worried about his father who had suffered a stroke. This weekend Sara stayed with him in Nottingham and then accompanied him to see his dad in the hospital. His stepfather has lost quite a bit of weight, but things are slowly improving. Sarah is now learning to drive, I have taken her out twice in Sue’s car and she is having lessons with an instructor as well. She shows promise and I am sure it won’t be long before she is ready for her test.

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