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Snow & Swinging Easter

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 24, 2008 by David Palmer
We all made it to the end of term, but the weather turned cold and one day we woke up to several centimetres of snow on the ground. Sarah made a snowman and I took some photographs. We stayed in all day (toooooo cold!)
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down for Easter on the Saturday. We mostly stayed inside as the weather was still too cold. Lucas is getting up to lots of mischief now and you have to keep an eye on him. Monday afternoon we did have a walk around Blue bell Woods, but the blue bells weren’t out yet. We did have swings from the trees. Lots of fun!!!!!! A very quiet Easter as the weather was grotty.

Too busy!

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 16, 2008 by David Palmer
I seemed to have missed writing a blogg for a couple of weeks. I think we have all been busy at school or work.
Sue and I did go to a 21st Birthday Party Last week end, the band was very good. We did leave about 11.30pm as I was taking tablets for tendonitis and it did say on the packet not to drink alcohol. After 3 pints, things were getting a little blurry and I couldn’t keep my eyes open!
Jamie has bought new springs for his car, to lower the suspsension. I did point out that most of the streets in Harborough will be off limits because of the trafiic calmimg measures, when he puts them on.
Sarah had a PB in swimming the other day. And, she helped me at the school circus on Sarturday. We controlled the carparking (but I seemed to do most of the running around!) England beat Ireland and Wales beat France (even better).
I wasn’t going to mention it, but on Wednesday I unleashed my singing career as one of the spice girls (Scary Spice) in the school ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ event. It was very funny and I WON’T BE DOING IT AGAIN.
Today I should have been travelling with the Colts to a 7’s tournament, but my tendonitis hurts, man flu has kicked in, my tonsils are aching, spots are erupting everywhere, it has rained all night and the river is flooding. So I decided to have a day in bed! Good night.

When the ground shook!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 2, 2008 by David Palmer
12.57am on Tuersday morning and we awere all woken up (like the rest of the country) by the shaking and rumbling of an earthquake. Very frightening, especially when your bed is under the chimney. I should imagine that we would have been more frightened if it had been daylight and we could see the bed and furniture bouncing about. Sarah was very worried, Jamie asked what it was and then went back to sleep. Sue and I slept restlessly for the rest of the night until 4.00am when there was a nother minor tremor and then something large fell over in the loft with a bang. There was no damage to the house. I decided to be rather naughty and my class wrote about their experience and composed some delightful poetry about earthquakes (shame, no literacy hour).
The rest of the oak doors I ordered arrived on Thursday, so I celebrated by dropping one on my foot when moving them into the house.
On Friday Sue and I went to see a film called ‘Only’. It was set in Ireland and about the music industry. Very entertaining, I can recommend it.
Charlotte came with Lucas on Saturday, Suraj was having a Poker week-end with his friends. I went to coach the colts against a Northampton side. Stupidly I demonstrated to our kicker how to kick a goal into the wind and my foot exploded in pain (Yes, it serves me right). In the evening Sue and I went to a fancy dress party in aid of a friends 60th birthday. Because, of my foot I couldn’t dance, but I did have to run down the room and pass a ball to the birthday boy to demonstrate how I gave him a pass that led to him scoring a try on his 50th birthday (very painful!!!). Sarah had a swimming Gala, she swam in the adults and came first in a couple of races. Afterwards, Charlotte and Sarah spent the night doing their nails and cleaning up the sick from a quite poorly Lucas (I think I know who had the better night!)
Mothers Day: Charlotte, Jamie and Sarah gave Sue some lovely presents and did the washing up, though Sue insisted on making Sunday dinner. I planted some gladiola, Jamie washed his car, Lucas and Charlotte fell asleep on the settee, Sarah went on the internet and Sue read the paper.