• Snow & Swinging Easter

    We all made it to the end of term, but the weather turned cold and one day we woke up to several centimetres of snow on the ground. Sarah made a snowman and I took some photographs. We stayed in all day (toooooo cold!) Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down for Easter on the Saturday.… Continue Reading

  • Too busy!

    I seemed to have missed writing a blogg for a couple of weeks. I think we have all been busy at school or work. Sue and I did go to a 21st Birthday Party Last week end, the band was very good. We did leave about 11.30pm as I was taking tablets for tendonitis and… Continue Reading

  • When the ground shook!!!

    12.57am on Tuersday morning and we awere all woken up (like the rest of the country) by the shaking and rumbling of an earthquake. Very frightening, especially when your bed is under the chimney. I should imagine that we would have been more frightened if it had been daylight and we could see the bed… Continue Reading