Too busy!

I didn’t manage to write a blog for a couple of weeks, we have all been too busy at school or work.
Last weekend, Sue and I went to a friend’s 21st birthday party, the band which was booked to play was very good. Regrettably, we left around 11.30 pm as I was taking tablets for tendonitis (it said on the packet, not to take them with alcohol) and after three pints of beer, things were starting to get a little blurry and I couldn’t keep my eyes open!
Jamie has bought new springs to lower the suspension on his car. I couldn’t help but point out that when he puts them on, most of the streets in Harborough will be off-limits to him due to the outrageously severe traffic calming measures in place.
Sarah had a PB in swimming the other day. She also helped me out at school when the circus came, we controlled the car parking, but somehow, I seemed to do most of the running around.
England beat Ireland and Wales beat France (even better).
I wasn’t going to mention this in the family blog, but on Wednesday evening I unleashed my singing career as one of the Spice Girls (Scary Spice) in the school’s ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ production for parents and international talent scouts. It was a very amusing evening, but I WON’T BE DOING IT AGAIN!
On Saturday, I should have travelled with the Colts to a 7’s tournament, but my tendonitis hurt, man flu kicked in, my tonsils began aching, spots seemed to erupt everywhere, it rained all night, and the river is in flood. I decided not to push my luck and spent the day in bed.

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