• Hot News

    Sadly, Jamie had a big fallout with Harriet last week and they parted company with quite a lot of shouting and tears. We believe it was over a film that Jamie had found boring, he left Harriet in the cinema only to return 20 mins later after buying himself something to eat. You can’t deny… Continue Reading

  • A quicker blog.

    What, writing another blog in just a few days? Well, Sarah marched in Harborough’s Remembrance Sunday Parade, and she looked so smart that Sue and I felt so proud it had to be mentioned a.s.a.p. The day before the parade, Sue had to drive to Thrapston to buy a pair of special ‘Air Cadet’ shoes… Continue Reading

  • Filling Time

    Charlotte sent me an email pointing out that I hadn’t written a family blog for some time. I have to admit that after retirement I had planned on penning these blogs during those times when I had nothing else to occupy my time, however, my days seem filled with more tasks than there are hours… Continue Reading