• Hot News

    The photo I took the other night seems quite an appropriate back drop to my latest bit of news (later). Jamie had a big fall out with Harriet last week and they parted company with quite a lot of shouting and tears. I believe it was over a film that Jamie found boring so he… Continue Reading

  • A quicker blog.

    Another blog in just a few days? Well, Sarah marched in Harborough’s Remembereance sunady Parade and she looked so smart I thought I would take some photos and blog them. Sue had to drive to Thrapston yesterday to buy  some ‘Air Cadet’ shoes so that she could wear them in the Parade (apparently it’s the only… Continue Reading

  • Filling Time

    Charlotte emailed me today and pointed out that I haven’t written a blog for some time. I had planned on doing it this evening, but I then bought some ceiling lights for Sarah’s room and was going to do that instead. However, I am retired, so I shall do that job tomorrow morning and I… Continue Reading