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Hot News

Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 18, 2008 by David Palmer
The photo I took the other night seems quite an appropriate back drop to my latest bit of news (later).
Jamie had a big fall out with Harriet last week and they parted company with quite a lot of shouting and tears. I believe it was over a film that Jamie found boring so he left  Harriet in the cinema amd returned 20 mins later after having something to eat. I think it was a little insensitive and I can understand how she was upset, but then what do I know? The following night he drove up with a friend to see Nan, though he was offered to stay the night he returned early the next day. He spent the last week moping around his room, playing on his play station and being unusually polite. He has asked his mum to have a word with the Swimming Club as he wants to start swimming again (what is going?) Yesterday, he disappeared in his car and returned half an hour later with Harriet, and tonight he is going to the cinema with one of his friends, confusing isn’t it?
Sarah has signed up to a world challenge to Costa Rica in 2010. She has to raise £3000. She says she can do it. I hope she can. It should be a brilliant experience. She has been off school the last two days with a sickness bug that appears to be working its way around the town. She is now back in her own bedroom as it has been decorated and she helped Sue sort out her things. A lot of stuff was put aside for Lucas, car booting and the tip in that order. I was amazed at how much make-up etc that she possesses, I am beginning to wonder how much of my daughter is real!
Sue has been busy working and doing the housework. We have even been shopping with each other a couple of times (practically unheard of!), though only for things for Sarah’s room. She did buy something for the first time on ebay (I think she sneakily liked to idea of bidding).
I have been refereeing and aggravating my leg. I now have a pulled hamstring to compliment my crucia ligament problem, if I had any sense I should give it a rest for a few weeks, but that won’t happen! This week I cleaned the pool, painted the garage floor and replaced a garden gate that got blown down in the gales.
Charlotte went up to Nan’s on Monday, she tool Lucas with her. I had cut a load of logs there from an old apple tree, and next door are having an extension and have kindly put aside any wood. Charlotte took them home to burn on their open fire. After returning home, she had to call the fire-brigade out when her wheely bin caught fire next to the gas cannisters that they have for the central heating. It sounds as if they were very lucky not to have had the house burnt down. They can’t use the gas as the the system has to be checked over before it can be used. Things could have been very much worse. Funny, but it was that evening that I took the photo that is displayed, I must be telepathic!

A quicker blog.

Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 9, 2008 by David Palmer
Another blog in just a few days? Well, Sarah marched in Harborough’s Remembereance sunady Parade and she looked so smart I thought I would take some photos and blog them. Sue had to drive to Thrapston yesterday to buy  some ‘Air Cadet’ shoes so that she could wear them in the Parade (apparently it’s the only place to get them, but they do look a lot like the pair of school shoes I have). I refereed at Oakham School on Saturday and managed to tweak my hamstring (ouch!!!), but I finished the game, though I am sure there must have been lots of decisiuons not given as I couldn’t keep up with play very well. Oakham Scool certainly does have some superb facilities, and the games master was an ex Englang Rugby and Tigers interanational. Oakham won 47:0.
Good news from the Newark branch of the family, Suraj has been made permanent at Newark Council. Quite a  surprise as they are laying off a large number of staff. 

Filling Time

Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 6, 2008 by David Palmer
Charlotte emailed me today and pointed out that I haven’t written a blog for some time. I had planned on doing it this evening, but I then bought some ceiling lights for Sarah’s room and was going to do that instead. However, I am retired, so I shall do that job tomorrow morning and I SHALL write this blog now!
Sue has been very busy working nearly everyday at the 2 schools she teaches at (Church Langton and St. Joseph’s). In except for one Friday, she has only had the last 3 Tuesdays off, and as luck would have it those 3 Tuesdays were the only one’s that I was called upon to work at Farndon Fields (Spooky). We have yet to spend more than one full weekday in each others company, luckily I get to see her in the evenings so I do remember what she looks like. The Friday we spent together was very pleasant, we had booked to go on an organised walk to Coombe Abbey with Harborough Councuil. It was the one day in the week that was lovely and sunny, though it was a little chilly in the breeze. We had lunch in the cafeteria and went on the long walk (5 miles) around the grounds and forest. The scenery is quite pretty but not spectacular, but then there were some people in the party who were in their 70’s. I am afraid that for the first time in my life, I fell asleep on the bus on the way back!!!! The bus set off and I nodded off, the bus stopped and I woke up. Brilliant! I missed a very boring 1.5 hours through the villages of Leicestershire, I wish I had discovered this tactic in the past, I shall certainly employ it in the future. Sue did organise me to go to the local Cinema club with her, we saw ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘Happy Go Lucky’, they were quite entertaining and it is a nice way to spend a Friday evening. I think Sue is making a Christmas pudding as there appears to be one in the making all this last week, looks yummy.
Sarah has been busy with School, Air Cadets, Swimming and Duke of Edinburgh Award. She appears to enjoy everything she does. Last week she went to Germany with the school (Loved it), the previous week she went to camp with the Air Cadets (Loved it), she is always doing something for her D of E, such as working in charity shops etc. She has swum in some galas and got some more PB’s (they cost me money!), and cooked some Thai food for her GCSE’s course work, the ingredients looked really tasty, a shame I didn’t get to taste it (again). Her big project has been to plan and decorate her bedroom. No, I got that wrong, she did the planning, her dad did the decorating! I liked the idea of putting her name in Chinese on the wall, it is very effective (see photo). It is not quite finished yet, but will be tomorrow. Then Jamie wants his doing.
Jamie has been busy with work, though he was ill on Monday and spent the day in bed filling a bucket with the contents of his stomach. On Tuesday he rallied and went to work at 9.30am. He is still seeing Harriet, but rumour has it that things got rocky a couple of weeks back, but normal service appears to be resumed at the moment. He was working in London at an exhibition last week. He had been looking forward to it for quite awhile and it sounds like it lived up to his expectations (I think he did some work as well!) He is now the proud owner of a  Rolex watch, I have never known him wear one before, perhaps he will wake up in the mornings on his own now? He has also purchased a wide screen flat TV for his room (I haven’t measured it, but it is big) and a Playstation 4. Sarah and he spend a lot of time on it now, playing games in his room. He gave his old (flat screen) TV to Sarah. Last night (5th Nov) he went with a friend to see a fireworks dispaly in Corby, he said it was very spectacular though a lot of cars got stuck in the field, he didn’t say whether his did, but he came back in it.
I have managed to fill my days usefully. I have done a few days supply, and I notice that the rate I am being paid is still a Head teachers rate, so when the school notices, there might not be any more phonecalls (time will tell). Roger (a friend) went  on a Norwegian Cruise to celebrate his 60th birthday, so when he came back I made a film from the photos he took. I have just finished making a film of a walk I went on with some friends to Wales. I bid successfully for a cottage in Llangynog, Powys and then planned several walks in the area. We had a great time (see photos), we walked too far, drank too much and ate too much and the scenery was fabulous and the weather much better than in the rest of the country who just had rain and more rain. I have been busy chopping and collecting logs for the woodburner that is coming in December (I hope), I think I have a whole winters load already (I Hope).
 .. Welsh
Nan is well and keeping herself warm, she sticks to her routine of shopping, going out for lunch and having her hair done. Things are easier as she zips along in her bat-mobile. Next door are having and extension and she loves to moan about the mess and noise. Also, next door is empty and up for sale and there have been suspiciousa people and noises seen and heard (quite intriguing). This week David (Little) and Genya took her out for a buffet meal up in the moors above Sheffield, she loved it, but couldn’t remember where it was, though I think she would like me to take her there.
I am probably the one that speaks the least to the Newark Palmers (Shah’s) as either Sue or Sarah get to the phone first. I usually get my information 2nd hand, so this is what I know. They all still live in Newark, Charlotte and Suraj are both still working and Lucas is at Nursery 4 times a week. Charlotte is not happy with the Nursery and Lucas is going to him move to another one in a months time. The boy next door is moving with him. Lucas had a tummy upset recently. And that’s it.