• Christmas 2012 and New Year

    On the Monday Nan had her Christmas Dinner with the crowd from Huntingdon Gardens, they went all the  way to Enderby to eat at a Toby Inn (I didn’t know they still existed). The Food was traditional, but it wouldn’t have been a ‘wrinklies outing’ without a few moans about slow service, cold food, too… Continue Reading

  • Hard Frosts

    Friday night was Quiet Night. Nan, Jamie and Sarah were all in their own flats/apartments. The Rothwells were celebrating Lucas’s birthday with a  tenpin bowling party in Kettering with school friends and the next door neighbours from back in Newark. That left Sue and I on our own. I made Thai fish cakes, scampi and chips for tea, opened… Continue Reading

  • First snow

    I have been out with the chainsaw again, this time with a dual purpose, the trees and bushes I felled along the river bank,  principally to make sure that any flood water made its way down river rather than collection debri and causing the water to back-up of course they have been chopped into handy logs (waste not… Continue Reading