• On the Way Home?

    After stocking up with a full breakfast we finishing packing our bags and then decided to have a wander outside the hotel before check-out at 10am. It was probably a mistake as Cusco is full of markets selling all kinds of goods, principally to the tourists. All very bright and appealing to those who have… Continue Reading

  • A Day in Cusco

    Our hotel is situated on the Avenido El Sol, which is a long wide busy road crammed with local and touristy shops all the way to the centre of the city, finishing at the historic Plaza de Armas. We had no plans for today so after breakfast we perused the city map and chose to… Continue Reading

  • Sacred Valley

    The Incas haven’t disappeared, they are still living as in Peru’s Sacred Valley, principally in the town of Ollantaytambo and that was to be the focus of today’s tour. After breakfast our party gathered together in the foyer and left for the start of today’s adventure at 8.00am. First port of call was difficult one.… Continue Reading

  • Machu Picchu

    Today we had yet another early start, but we knew this was going to be well worth it. One of the new seven wonders of the world was going to be visited. We were in breakfast before 5am and our coach to the train station left on time at 5.40am. However, a couple of miles… Continue Reading

  • The Road to Cusco

    The alarm was set for 4.45am, but like the rest of our party we were awake for 3am. Sleeping at altitude is not easy, breathing is laboured and the air is so much drier that you are in need of regular drinks. We have partially acclimatised, the headaches and the random nauseous feelings have gone,… Continue Reading

  • Titicaca and Floating Village

    The altitude (4000m) has had an effect on us both and to our fellow travellers. At best it is a continual dull to throbbing headache, lack of appetite and random feelings of sickness. Any activity causes breathlessness and waves of exhaustion. We both have had headaches but these have been alleviated with tablets, but nobody… Continue Reading

  • Puno

    We were woken at 2.30am by an early morning call and were greeted by a rainy day. Dressed and packed we took the lift to the lobby where the rest of the party were already gathered. Picking up our breakfast box we boarded our coach to the airport. Check-in procedure went like clockwork and we… Continue Reading