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Posted in Uncategorized on Oct 28, 2007 by David Palmer
A surprisingly quiet Haf-term. We had Lucas to stay from Sunday to Saturday while mum and dad had a break in Majorca. I have often contemplated having another dog; to play with, take walks and of course a source of unfailing devotion. Lucas ticks all the same boxes, with the added advantage being that you don’t have to stop at every lampost for a sniff.
Charlotte and Suraj had a peacful time in Majorca, they slept a lot and shopped a lot.  Their Hotel (all inclusive) was next to The Samoa, where a little girl fell from the balcony and her mother was found dead in the sea. They saw the helicopters, but were unaware of the tragedy until we told them when they got back. They returned on Saturday night, minus their suitcases, which had gone walkabout somewhere in Europe. We learned that one had turned up in Berlin.
The weather has beed fine during the week so Lucas has had lots of walks; to the shops, the post box and the pub down the road (because they have a playbarn attached!!!!) I have managed to paint Sadolin (expensive stuff) onto the garage and all the wooden bits around the outside of the house. I got into the swing of it and also painted the benches and table in the garden, I shan’t do them again, much too fiddly.
Sue has spent a week making bottles up, then cleaning them. Cooking meals that can be liquidised and then fed to Lucas. Pushing a pram and wiping the nether regions of a small boy. I think she enjoyed it?
Jamie is still seeing Lara.
Sarah has helped out a lot with Lucas. She has had a few sleep-overs at friends. At present she is catching up with her homework.

The week after last!

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I don’t suppose that this week could have been as good as last. And, it wasn’t. I caught a a stinker of a sore throat while sorting through archive records at school (We have to keep some of them for ten years, and they gather a lot of dust!!!!!)
Jamie started the week treavelling down to London, not getting back until after midnight. However, he got a bonus in his pay packet, so it must have been worth it. Lara seems to be visiting us again, must have heard that he had some money (it is a rare!)
Sarah made a fruit salad at school and got an A* for it. She brought some home and it was delicious.
Charlotte informed us that we were having a visitor next week. They had late booked a holiday to Majorca and were flying from Stansted on Sunday morning. They came down on Saturday afternoon. We have the pleasure of Lucas until next Friday (they might not get him back!)
On Saturday evening I had a BBQ ( a bit chilly) for the Cup Final, we had 16 guests, we all had a nice time, except the result didn’t work out. IT WAS A TRY AND THE REFEREEE WAS BIAST!!!!!!. Other than that, I did let off a few fireworks to wake the neighbours. Oh yes, the soccer team (England), couldn’t beat Russia.
We are on half term next week so it will be nappy changing, painting and pushing a pram, no doubt.

What a good week!

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Undeniably the highlight was England beating France (untrustworthy Gauls) in France in the World Cup Semi-finals. Oh Yes, the England soccer team won 3:0 against Estonia (Who?).
It was a good week for me at school; postal strike meant no post, so it was an unbelievable reduction in reading matter, even elctronic mail went quiet (must be some link there?), we had interviews for the new Head and the Governors appointed a guy that had been on Teachers TV (he takes over in January, and good luck to him, on Friday I cleared 3 carrier bags of dog muck from the school playing field on Friday, he can do that now!), the Governors in their generosity decided that as I had now sorted out all the problems left by the previous head, I would stay on the Head teacher’s salary (Wow! there is a tooth fairy after all) until I retire (I might not now!!!!!).
Sarah had a swimming Gala in Peterborough over the weekend and managed to have a sleep over at a friends on Friday night. She made tomato soup at school this week and got an A+ for it. I tried some it the other day and it was certainly A++++!.
Jamie has a NEW grilfriend, she seems a little too sophisticated for him and mature, but she is certainly good looking , so it won’t last until next week-end. Hewas in London during the week at a Fashion show (he was working there with his boss). He stayed at a Thistle Hotel next to the City of London Airport. Jamie doesn’t drink, but they had an entertainment budget of £3000, and I believe they worked their way through most of it! He bought a mini-motorbike today, and hass been whizzing around the patio on it with his girlfriend watching (I don’t think she was impressed).
Nan rang me to day and stressed that I must mention it (it doesn’t happen often). Charlotte is fine though she has taken to covering herself in olive oil whenever the phone rings (I don’t know why). Sue has been busy with schoolwork and helping Sarah with her recipes. She made a delicious shepherds pie on Wednesday (another highlight!)

A sloe week -end

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Sarah got back on her feet by Thursday and managed to attend school. She looked painfully thin and pale and was very tired on Thursday evening, yet she went to school on Friday. She seemed much better over the week-end but a little grumpy (but then most tenagers are!)
Sue had her usual two days in school and didn’t pick up any other supply days. Teachers are still fresh from their holidays and don’t fall ill until the weather gets colder.
My week started with a bang. One of the staff informed me that his wife had decided to divorce him and that he was sleeping in a local hotel. That’s the second staff member that it has happened to in 3 nmonths. The rest of the week was more tree felling.
Jamie actually washed his care today. I wrote ‘clean me’ in the dirt on the bonnet and it must have been a constant reminder when he was driving. He still has the same girlfriend.
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came to stay on Friday and Saturday night. Charlotte had wion VIP tickets to the ‘Grand Designs Exhibition’ at the NEC Birmingham. They took Sarah with them on Saturday and left Lucas with his grandparents (that’s Sue and I). I had a BBQ with some rugby friends in the afternoon and we watched England versus Australia. AMAZING!!!! we won. I was even cheering the French on when they beat New Zealand!!!!! I usually can’t stand the French, so arrogant and untrustworthy (that’s a balanced view, held by me since having a holiday in France in 1976). I took some nice photos of Lucas and he doesn’t look French,  but the ducks do.
On Sunday I decided to scour the hedgerows for Sloes, ready for making Sloe Gin, next week. I managed to get a a carrier bag full, but it is not a prolific year for them. It is so relaxing picking the tiny things, but not as much as drinking the liquid I make from them. It is Sue’s favourite tipple.