• Half-term

    A surprisingly quiet Haf-term. We had Lucas to stay from Sunday to Saturday while mum and dad had a break in Majorca. I have often contemplated having another dog; to play with, take walks and of course a┬ásource of unfailing devotion. Lucas ticks all the same boxes, with the added advantage being that you don’t… Continue Reading

  • The week after last!

    I don’t suppose that this week could have been as good as last. And, it wasn’t. I caught a a stinker of a sore throat while sorting through archive records at school (We have to keep some of them for ten years, and they gather a lot of dust!!!!!) Jamie started the week treavelling down… Continue Reading

  • What a good week!

    Undeniably the highlight was England beating France (untrustworthy Gauls) in France in the World Cup Semi-finals. Oh Yes, the England soccer team won 3:0 against Estonia (Who?). It was a good week for me at school; postal strike meant no post, so it was an unbelievable reduction in reading matter, even elctronic mail went quiet… Continue Reading

  • A sloe week -end

    Sarah got back on her feet by Thursday and managed to attend school. She looked painfully thin and pale and was very tired on Thursday evening, yet she went to school on Friday. She seemed much better over the week-end but a little grumpy (but then most tenagers are!) Sue had her usual two days… Continue Reading