The week after last!

his week I had a stinker of a sore throat, no doubt caught while sorting through archived school records (We have to keep some of them for ten years, and they gather a lot of dust!!!!!)
Jamie started the week travelling down to London, often not getting back until well after midnight. However, he got a bonus in his pay packet, so it must have been worth it. Lara seems to be visiting us again, must have heard that he had some money (it is rare!)
Sarah made a fruit salad at school and got an A* for it. She brought some home and it was delicious.
Charlotte informed us that we were having a visitor next week. They had made a late booking to Majorca and are flying from Stansted on Sunday morning. They came on Saturday afternoon. We now have the pleasure of Lucas until next Friday (they might not get him back!)
On Saturday evening I had a BBQ for the Rugby Cup Final (the weather was a bit chilly). We had 16 guests, and we had a nice time, except for the result. IT WAS A TRY AND THE REFEREE WAS BIASED! Afterwards, I let off a few fireworks to wake the neighbours. And, the England soccer team, couldn’t beat Russia!
This week we are on half term at school so it will be a nappy changing, painting and pushing a pram week.

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