• Oriana 14

    We woke very late this morning, even so there were few in breakfast indicating that our fellow passengers had ‘chilled out’ more then we. During the morning we attended a lecture on the Aurora Borealis, the Oriana is sailing to the northwest of Iceland next March to see a total eclipse of the sun (next… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 13

    Today is a sea day, which means there is no rush to get up. However, we were still in breakfast for 8am and not surprisingly there was only one other couple there. We sat for quite a while looking for dolphins or whales while we drank coffee, but they continue to be shy and avoid… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 12

    As we had a late breakfast we watched the ship sail in to Bergen and dock. The weather was overcast with the cloud level being just a few hundred metres up the mountain. Fortunately we had been given a berth right next to the town, so there wasn’t going to be much walking to reach… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 11

    Last night, even though our route took us down the adjacent fjord to the one we had entered the previous evening, for some reason we had to sail 16 miles out into the North Sea before turning around and steaming into the the arm of the fjord that led to Geiranger. As we were tenering… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 10

    Laying in bed we heard the Oriana dock in our next port of call, Andalsnes. We rose at 8am and breakfasted. Going on deck we were greeted by some of the most breathtaking scenery you have ever seen. Eager to get in among it, we returned to our cabin and changed into our walking gear.… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 9

    Today is Sue’s birthday. Like myself she has successfully navigated life’s course through calm and stormy seas and docked peacefully in the harbour of six decades! Thirty eight years ago she acquired the latest in biological GPS systems to guide and accompany her succesfully to this significant miles-stone and today we celebrate under clear blue… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 8

    The alarm on my mobile was set for 7.30am. At 7am we hit an ice-berg! Or, so it seemed from under the duvet. Now that is athe problem with having lower cabin at the front of the ship,  they drop the anchor by feeding the chains holding it through your bedroom. Not in one long… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 7

    Today is a sea day so we slept in until 9am! After breakfast we both attended a port presentation on Andalsnes before having coffee in one of the lounges and then sat through an interesting lecture on the planets in the solar system in the forward theatre. After completing 3 circuits of deck 7 (1… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 6

    A  peaceful nights sleep induced by the gentle rocking motion of the ship until we awoke bright-eyed and  bushy-tailed at 7.30am. Breakfast was taken with Barry and Jan (though I am not sure they wanted the company) before embarking early down the gangplank onto a sunny and warm Trondheim quay. Most of the passengers leaving… Continue Reading

  • Oriana 5

    Oriana 5 What a night!!!! Laying in bed I had decided to listen to BBC Radio 4 Podcast on the 1st World War that I had loaded onto my Tablet PC and blue-toothed to a pair of headsets so as not to disturb Sue. As the programme progressed I became increasingly aware of the undulating… Continue Reading