Oriana 7

Today is a sea day so we slept in until 9am!

After breakfast we both attended a port presentation on Andalsnes before having coffee in one of the lounges and then sat through an interesting lecture on the planets in the solar system in the forward theatre. After completing 3 circuits of deck 7 (1 mile) in very blustery conditions I visited the gymn (rowed 2.3k, ran 4k, cycled 5k)to burn some more calories while Sue read her book in one of the lounges and later we met for lunch in the Conservatory.

WP_20140815_011 WP_20140815_010

The afternoon session began with another port presentation, this time on Geiranger. I spent the rest of the afternoon attending a lecture on Alan Turing followed by reading my book in the Lords Tavern. Sue watched a film in the cinema.


It was a Black-tie dinner and after changing into nour glad-rags we took part in a quiz on the identification of songs from the 60’s. It wasn’t as well attended as I thought it might have been, probably because the other passengers knew how difficult it was going to be. We found it annoying that though we recognised the tune, we could only name just a few or the artist. However, at regular points we could gain points by performing silly acts and these bumped up our rather pathetic score. It was rather fun, of a sort!


After another spendid meal we watched the international violinist Beverly Davison perform. Her superb playing punctuated by some rather witty humour was hugely entertaining and at times quite magical. We are looking forward to her next performance in a few days time.


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