• Recession?

    As expected, Jamie got notification of termination of his contract at Disney from the 7th of January. During the last month work has been very slow and at the same time the previous year, everyone was rushed off their feet trying to get orders out. It looks like the recession we keep hearing about (every… Continue Reading

  • Lucas is Five!

    The central heating got fixed on Friday, the week had been cold and Sue and I had worn our ‘thermals’ all week. By 10pm most nights we were in bed (with hot water bottles). During the week I had replaced one of the security lights out side from a massive 800 watt energy guzzler to… Continue Reading

  • Murphy

    Sadly, Murphy has passed away. He had been Charlotte’s cat for 12 years and been loved by all the family, even more so when having tangled with a car, she had lost a leg. Murphy would always be there hopping along, always willing to sit on your lap and entice an ear scratch out of… Continue Reading