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Third Blogg

Posted in Uncategorized on Jun 24, 2007 by David Palmer
Well, what a miserable week! Rain, rain and more rain!!!!! The river flowing by the house has been up and down all week, but thankfully the River Authority seems to have sorted out the flooding problems in the town and this has the added benefit of keeping the river lower near us.
The lawn needs mowing, the pool is going green and the Guinea-pigs don’t smile anymore when we put them outside in the morning.
I took the school athletics team to the Area Atheltics Meet in Leicester on Monday. Our Year 6 children are an amazing bunch, they are totally not into anything physical and wouldn’t dream of joining any sports club. I had to pull the school soccer team out of the league this season, because I only had 3, Year 6 boys that would train (We only play 7 aside). Only two years ago I had between 60-80 children attending training regularly. It’s not just just our school though, 2 weeks ago the local Schools soccer tournament (5 aside) had to be cancelled because only 1 team had been entered. Well, back to the Athletics, you won’t be surprised to learn that we got one certificate, a 3rd place in the long jump. The  school has never been less than 3rd place in the whole Meeting against 20+ other Primary Schools. It seems the more initiatives there are to get children more active, the less they are inclined to be.
Charlotte has` informed us that Luca has started to crawl. Now the trouble starts and things get constantly moved away from prying little  fingers. I remember going through this phase 3 times, I lost more and more hair each time. It certainly improves your planning of where to place things and affects radically how you move around your own home. Just opening that door now has hidden dangers, you never know when there is a hidden booby trap in the guise of a bumped head or squashed finger. Terrorism didn’t startt with 9/11.
Sue and I have had a busy week-end. It started with a local Summer Ball on Friday night. It was a chance to wear DJ’s and ball gowns. For onece I think we enjoyed it, the food was surprisingly good and the entertainment very acceptable (Mostly 70’s music etc.). It was held in a huge Marquee in the grounds of one of the local gentry. Sue said there were about 350 gusets. The grounds were very nice, but as it rained constantly, they soon turned into a quagmre, I saw at least one taxi grounded up to its axel in the mud in the field used for parking.
After very few hours sleep at 9.30am  I had to go into school to help set up for the Summer Fete. Sarah (Little angel) helped me. I got back for 12.30 for something to eat, then back to school for 1.15pm. Surprisingly, the rain held off until 3.57pm. I know the exact  time because Sarah and I were doing the bouncy castle and timing the children how long they were bouncing about (5 mins for £1). There was no warning, one second we were dry, and the next we were soaked. That was the end of the Fete. We had everything packed up for 5.30pm. Don’t know how much we made, and when you’re that wet, you don’t care!
6.45pm saw Sue and I off to a BBQ at a friends. We thought  it was just an informal do, but when we got there it turned out to be an 18th birthday party with a garden and house full of guests and lots of silly games. Leicester Tigers (Rugby Club) were having their Summer Ball that evening in the same Marquee that we had been to the previous evening. Except they had an amazing fireworks display, which because the BBQ was held at a house on a hill, we had a brilliant view of it also. We got home late again.
Today (Sunday),  is report writing day for me, lesson planning day for Sue, laying on the sofa and watching TV all day for Sarah and going off to Foxton for Jamie to earn some holiday money in the kitchens. The Guinea-pigs are still not happy, the grass is 5cm longer and the pool has now definitely gone green!

Second Blogg

Posted in Uncategorized on Jun 17, 2007 by David Palmer
Didn’t think I would get around to adding anymore this week as I have been tired as during the week I was getting into school before 7.00am as the head is away with the Year6 Residential Field trip to York, and as I teach all day, the organisation/paperwork/planning etc. had to be done either before or after school, and I knew I would have to see parents, advisors etc after school, but  I did manage to get away before 6.oopm each day. Though, I did fall asleep at home and didn’t attend the PTA meeting on Wednesday night. They managed without me, and I told them I had forgotten, (I thought that If I said I had fallen asleep at 7.00pm, they would think I was getting old, and though that may be true, I think there is more sympathy with the onset of amnesia!) It rained all week in York and we had glorious weather in Harborough, with rain only appearng on Thursday night to spoil my weekly tennis game.
Jamie’s moped got sick on Tuesday night on the way to the Foxton Locks. I nipped over around 8pm to check it out, it appeared to work but sounded sickly. I told him to give me ring when he finished work and I would follow him home in the car (mistake!). He usually finishesh around 10.30pm, but as the weather was good there were lots of guests, so the phone call came in at 11.45pm. His speed was variable on the way back, but he managed it. The bike is now in the garage awaiting repair, I wonder how much it will cost, because I know who will have to pay. He was having a visit from a friend from Mansfield on Saturday, her name is Morgan and though she has been before, she is not a girlfriend he insists, but just a friend that is a girl. I can’t work that one out.
I drove up to Thurcroft to see my mother on Friday, it was her birthday on Saturday (she is as old as I feel!), Sarah couldn’t come because of music lessons and a Swimming Gala, also quite a lot of homework (which surprisingly, she does willingly, I never did). We did have to visit the Doctors for our innoculation jabs for holiday, but luckily only Sarah had to have any, but we did get the bad news that we would need malaria tablets.  I did spot a couple of tornadoes over towards Leicester while driving up the M1. One did a bit of damage to the East of Leicester (according to the radio) and another one apparently went over our house (accordind to Sue). The house was still there when I got back on Sunday, though there appears to be a lot of sand in the pool, which is not a good sign.
I took my mother over to see my step brother David in Atlthorp (Lincolnshire), it’s a lovely place, especially now that he is getting into gardening. He is looking more and more like his father, everytime I see him. I offered to take him and Genya out for lunch, but they declined. I don’t think I have ever seen them eat. There is is no cooker or oven in their fabulous kitchen and the micro-wave doesn’t appear to have a plug on it? They have the most unique dining set I have ever seen, and they won’t sell it to me (they turned down £2000!!!!). They are obviously vampires and not in need of such formal dining arrangements as a table. It obviously accounts for why all the people that work at their Drop-in Centre are all pasty faced and shy away from the light.
I took my mother to a pub in Firbeck on Staurday night for a birthday treat, and we had a most unusual meal, we had to cook it ourselves at the table on a slab of very hot stone. They called it ‘On the Rock’. I found it quite entertaining, but the rock stayed very hot for a very long time. I don’t think I would give it to a child to eat from, they would want to touch it, I did! You can just see the solicitors lining up.
Charlotte reqested that I pop over to Newark on Sunday as it was Father’s Day. Suraj and and Lucas were both fine now and it was safe for the old man to risk his life. We had a lovely walk around the grounds of the Offices, where Suraj has his new Job. It’s down by the river and really is a very nice place to work, I hope the residents of Newark, who pay for it through their rates, appreciate it. Taking grandad for a quiet walk on a Sunday afternoon is I know a national pastime, but this grandad still enjoys ice skating, scuba diving, trampolining, tennis, paintballing, snorkelling, caving, quad-biking, jet-skiing, tree climbing, chain-sawing, diving, eating crocodile and making sloe gin!!!! The last walk I went for, was on a Saturday two weeks ago, in the driving rain along the Fosse Way over 11 miles (because I was bored and had nothing else to do) and I did it in 3 hours.
We had a lovely BBQ for lunch, beautifully cooked by Charlotte. Unfortunately, the meat they had bought was still frozen. Luckily, I had brought a pile of BBQ meat from Thurcroft that was not frozen. So, we had that. It appears that parents don’t stop being parents even though their children leave home, are in their third house, have a young son, and have now acquired the title of Grand parents…….we still continue to feed them.
To-night I have promised to watch a DVD with Sue and Sarah (Jamie is working), so must  go now.

First Blog

Posted in News and politics on Jun 10, 2007 by David Palmer
As Sarah and Jamie have their own My Space I thought I should create a Family MySpace. I was intrigued by Simon’s (nephew) bloggs, as he travelled around the world last year, a great way to keep in touch, and this inspired me to have a go with this one. I don’t expect it will be as good as Simon’s (but I shall try!).
This week-end went a bit awry, as I was expecting to visit Charlotte, Suray and Lucas, but Lucas caught a stomach bug from his Nursery, he passed this onto Suraj (Who took to his bed with many many moans, groans and a roll of toilet paper), Charlotte said that he doesn’t take illness well. We decided not to visit.
I did finalise our holiday plans on Saturday, so now it’s off to China in July (Paul Merton, watch out) and Thailand in August. It should leave 5 days to catch-up with things before starting work. Sue has aolready started thinking about when is she going to get time to wash clothes etc. (I can see it in her eyes!)
I thinned out the carrots yesterday (one of the many little jobs I did under the blazing hot sun) and fed the thinnings to Chocolate and Honey (Guinea-pigs). A friend (Roger), came around and we went for a walk along part of the Jurassic Way which goes past the house. We walked for around 3 hours and discovered a lost Medieval village and what looked like a hill fort, not bad considereing we didn’t gofurther than two miles from the house! It was disappointing to see that my favourite sloe bushes had a very poor crop this year, not good for the sloe gin in the autumn. I was planning to have a dip in the pool when I got back, but the air was so oppressive that it was making us all feel really sleepy. So I gave in and had a kip instead.
Well, tomorrow sees the Year6 off to York for the week, that leaves me to run the school as the Head is going with them. It will be practise for next year as she is taking early retirement and flies off to Italy in August, leaving me as acting Head until some-one else is appointed. She had planned to retire next year with yours truly, but circumstances changed. I have forgiven her for the moment, but I may change my mind later in the year!!!!!!  July 2008 won’t come quick enough.
Sarah has been busy helping Sue with her lesson preparation all week-end (She teaches everyday next week). But she still managed to to get a PB at a swimming gala on Saturday night, I remember when I had energy. Sue cooked us Sarah’s favourite meal on Sunday as a reward for doing well, she also got a Principals Award for outstanding achievement in English. I should ask her to check this over for accuracy before I press the publish button. Jamie has his driving test soon (Friday 13th July), you can see why there were vacancies on that date. He drives well, though Sue and Charlotte think he is too fast and he doesn’t check his mirror often enough etc, etc, etc. I sit with him the most and I think he is very careful driver, sometimes over careful. I hope he passes first time as he drives a lot slower than the two ladies in the family that complain about his speed.
The photos are from our last holiday in Bali.