• Third Blogg

    Well, what a miserable week! Rain, rain and more rain!!!!! The river flowing by the house has been up and down all week, but thankfully the River Authority seems to have sorted out the flooding problems in the town and this has the added benefit of keeping the river lower near us. The lawn needs mowing,… Continue Reading

  • Second Blogg

    Didn’t think I would get around to adding anymore this week as I have been tired as during the week I was getting into school before 7.00am as the head is away with the Year6 Residential Field trip to York, and as I teach all day, the organisation/paperwork/planning etc. had to be done either before… Continue Reading

  • First Blog

    As Sarah and Jamie have their own My Space I thought I should create a Family MySpace. I was intrigued by Simon’s (nephew) bloggs, as he travelled around the world last year, a great way to keep in touch, and this inspired me to have a go with this one. I don’t expect it will be… Continue Reading