First Blog

As Sarah and Jamie have their own My Space I thought I should create a Family MySpace. I was intrigued by Simon’s (nephew) bloggs, as he travelled around the world last year, a great way to keep in touch, and this inspired me to have a go with this one. I don’t expect it will be as good as Simon’s (but I shall try!).
This week-end went a bit awry, as I was expecting to visit Charlotte, Suray and Lucas, but Lucas caught a stomach bug from his Nursery, he passed this onto Suraj (Who took to his bed with many many moans, groans and a roll of toilet paper), Charlotte said that he doesn’t take illness well. We decided not to visit.
I did finalise our holiday plans on Saturday, so now it’s off to China in July (Paul Merton, watch out) and Thailand in August. It should leave 5 days to catch-up with things before starting work. Sue has aolready started thinking about when is she going to get time to wash clothes etc. (I can see it in her eyes!)
I thinned out the carrots yesterday (one of the many little jobs I did under the blazing hot sun) and fed the thinnings to Chocolate and Honey (Guinea-pigs). A friend (Roger), came around and we went for a walk along part of the Jurassic Way which goes past the house. We walked for around 3 hours and discovered a lost Medieval village and what looked like a hill fort, not bad considereing we didn’t gofurther than two miles from the house! It was disappointing to see that my favourite sloe bushes had a very poor crop this year, not good for the sloe gin in the autumn. I was planning to have a dip in the pool when I got back, but the air was so oppressive that it was making us all feel really sleepy. So I gave in and had a kip instead.
Well, tomorrow sees the Year6 off to York for the week, that leaves me to run the school as the Head is going with them. It will be practise for next year as she is taking early retirement and flies off to Italy in August, leaving me as acting Head until some-one else is appointed. She had planned to retire next year with yours truly, but circumstances changed. I have forgiven her for the moment, but I may change my mind later in the year!!!!!!  July 2008 won’t come quick enough.
Sarah has been busy helping Sue with her lesson preparation all week-end (She teaches everyday next week). But she still managed to to get a PB at a swimming gala on Saturday night, I remember when I had energy. Sue cooked us Sarah’s favourite meal on Sunday as a reward for doing well, she also got a Principals Award for outstanding achievement in English. I should ask her to check this over for accuracy before I press the publish button. Jamie has his driving test soon (Friday 13th July), you can see why there were vacancies on that date. He drives well, though Sue and Charlotte think he is too fast and he doesn’t check his mirror often enough etc, etc, etc. I sit with him the most and I think he is very careful driver, sometimes over careful. I hope he passes first time as he drives a lot slower than the two ladies in the family that complain about his speed.
The photos are from our last holiday in Bali.

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