• The Science of Shopping

    25.04.2010 Today I rose early letting Sue have a lie in while I had breakfast then trotted across the road to the Crowne and read the newspaper, when I returned Sue was having breakfast and chatting with the other guests.  As it was a lovely warm and sunny morning we decided to catch the shuttle… Continue Reading

  • Rocket Train

    22.04.2010 As usual, after breakfast and before Sue had risen from her slumber I trotted over to the Crowne Plaza and read the Shanghai Times, finished the crossword and then returned to the Ibis. Sue had risen and had just finished her breakfast when I arrived. The previous evening we had arranged with a couple… Continue Reading

  • A Pleasant Day

    20.04.2010 After breakfast, we decided to travel to Shanghai. Conveniently the Metro was not far, so after a short walk and on working out how to use the ticket machine, we travelled on a packed but very clean and efficient train to Central Avenue, the journey took around thirty minutes snaking along canyons squeezed between… Continue Reading

  • Still Raining

    21.04.2010 It was still raining in Pudong and other than a brief mooch around the area wrapped tightly in our rain gear we didn’t move far from the hotel.  While we spent part of the morning reading the newspapers at the Crowne Plaza, a couple of excited guests informed us that they are moving back… Continue Reading

  • Confusion and Rumours

    18.04.2010 After a good transfer from the ship, we arrived at the Crowne Plaza hotel and after checking in we decided to catch the afternoon shuttle bus to Tai Mai Market, this turned out to be very fortunate (in a  way). While sitting on the bus another British couple got on and began a conversation,… Continue Reading

  • Shanghaid in China!

    A brief summary of our Asian trip (so far): There was a four-hour delay at Heathrow on our Virgin flight to Shanghai, but after that everything went smoothly: The transfer from the airport to the Crowne Plaza hotel in Pudong and the overnight stay was fine. The transfer from the hotel to the cruise ship… Continue Reading