Rocket Train

Yesterday after breakfast I trotted over to the Crowne Plaza and read the Shanghai Times and id a bit of the crossword and then returned to the Ibis. Sue had got up and had just finished her breakfast and had arranged to go with another cople from Newcastle on the Maglev to the airport (for the experience). We duly accompanied them on the Shuttle bus to the Expo Site (very inmpressive) and then caught a taxi to the Station. After buying our tickets (5 pound each) we ghot on the train. Very sleek, very modern, very exciting. The journey was amazing, it takes nearly 1hour 10 mins on the ordinary train to travel the distance to the airport, it takes 8 minutes on the Maglev. The acceleration is phenomenal, the ride is very smooth and the landscape outside just whizzes past. We reached 431kph before we started to decelarate. It is the fastest train on Earth and I can believe it. Why can’t we do this in the UK? Words can’t describe the ride it was just WOW.
Afterwards we went into the airport and found the Virgin Office and found out some more info about the cancellations. Some people are getting away early on Standby by camping out at the desk, but most are disappointed. We decide to give it a try to morrow.
We then caught the Metro into the City. Then caught the No.64 bus into the Old Town. We walked around looking at the buildings and Sue bought a liitle thing for Sarah and then had lunch in a KFC. We met a few people from the boat who were equally stranded and swapped stories, before catching the No.64 again and retracing our journey back to the Hotel. There we arranged for a Taxi at 5.15am to get to the airport to Standby. We then got changed and went out for our evening meal. When we returned we found out that some of our fellow passengers had rung Virgin and got flights a little easrlier. We cancelled the Taxi and decided to use the phone than have the inconvenience of journeying to the airport, and of course checking out of the hotel and possible risking losing the room if we were unsuccessful and had to return. We chatted until late at night with the other passengers and then went to bed.

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