• Our Winter of Discontent

    Just got back from the allotment after having : 1. Transplanted pathetic and bedraggled autumn sown broad beans from 4 rows into one row, as that was all that was left after a rather harsh December. 2. Painted my shed (with sump oil, it is cheaper). I started to paint under blue skies, but with… Continue Reading

  • Valentine and Vines

    It’s Valentine’s Day. This evening we had a surprise visit from Lee who brought a huge card for Sarah, stayed a couple of hours then drove back to Nottinghamshire. This morning when I had made my first coffee of the day I was greeted with a card from Sue. I didn’t have one to exchange… Continue Reading

  • And a bit more….

    At the end of the last blog we had Jamie and Sarah ill with a sickness bug. That night I rang the Rothwell’s for a chat and discovered that they also had succumbed. Sue and I fully expected to make it a ‘family thing’, but obviously our generation is made of much sterner stuff and… Continue Reading