• Warming up?

    Overnight we had wind and rain with a rise in temperature and the following morning the snow had mostly gone, to be replaced by a river in flood (again). Charlotte has been having trouble with her tooth. She had insisted that the dentist check it out, but there was little evidence of anything being amiss… Continue Reading

  • Snowflakes

    Winter has appeared with a vengeance. The country as usual has ground to a halt and the media is full of scenic snow photos and videos of skidding and upturned cars. Jamie has been getting good use out of his snowboard and the Rothwell boys have been busy gathering freezing fingers and toes! I have… Continue Reading

  • Welsh Visit

    Last Tuesday Nan, Sue and I drove up to North Wales. On the Monday it snowed and there was around half an inch lying on the ground, with a promise from the weather man of more to come. As the weather forecast for the week was not good, we set off with some trepidation, but as things turned out… Continue Reading

  • All gone.

    The title says it all. Now that Sarah has returned to Uni. Sue and I are on our own. One afternoon Charlotte, Sarah, Ellis and I went Geo-caching between Rothwell and Desborough. Sarah has been meeting up with Charlotte quite regularly and finding caches all over Harborough and this time they invited me to come along. I… Continue Reading