• The Sun has got his hat on.

    AT LAST! It appears that the jet stream has moved north and is pulling the warmer weather up from the south. Yesterday and today we have had NO RAIN!!!! It has been quite warm (not hot) so today I put on my shorts and sandals. I know two warm days don’t make a summer, but when you… Continue Reading

  • Harborough, the Eagle has landed!

    Last Tuesday the phone line at Nan’ Flat was connected (that went well). Royal Mail were also scheduled to deliver an internet hub,  BTVision box and Sky sports activation card. The card arrived, the rest did not. After 2 days of phoning, I eventually picked it up at the local post office where it had been all… Continue Reading

  • Splash and dash!

    Since I last sat down to write the family blog, it has rained every day! During the week Jamie was in Birmingham when a torrential downpour flooded the streets he was driving in. He took a video on his phone of cars that were submerged under water. He was lucky to get out of it… Continue Reading