The Sun has got his hat on.

AT LAST! It appears that the jet stream has moved north and is pulling the warmer weather up from the south. Yesterday and today we have had NO RAIN!!!! It has been quite warm (not hot) so today I put on my shorts and sandals. I know two warm days don’t make a summer, but when you are clutching at straws you see encouraging signs in even the tiniest things. The England cricket xi (cricket) have collapsed  against South Africa. When the weather was rubbish they stuffed everybody willing to brave the English climate, now that there is a little bit of blue sky and warmth, we can’t bat!!!  I feel that normality has resumed and the summer must have  arrived.

Nan seems to be settling down well in her new flat. She is now scooting about into town on her mobility scooter and having visits from the family each day. Jamie took her a huge ox-tail to cook the other day. It was so large that it had to be sawed into two to fit into her freezer.

Nan and I did a bit more furniture shopping in Corby and bought a new TV cabinet, one that she could fit her glass ornaments into as well as the BTVision Box. She also bought a rather nice cow hide rug for the lounge. She comes around for Friday night Curry, except this Friday it was Mexican night.  Sarah made Tortilla’s and I made beef Mexican lasagna (I found the recipe off the El Paso site).  Pastel del tortilla (click link)

Pastel del tortilla.

Last Thursday Nan,  Sarah and I went to Waterloo Lakes for lunch. The rain held off and Nan enjoyed the view over the lake.

Sarah is busy having driving lessons again, her test is in September. Last week she went on the train to Sheffield for an interview/meeting for some work experience in the Court System, she was successful and is looking forward to working in the Probationary Service (not sure when). While she was there she picked up a snowboard that Jamie had bought from some one in Sheffield on ebay.  She returned via Nottingham to celebrate a birthday at Lee’s. As soon as she arrived back she went straight to Charlotte’s to do a spot of baby sitting (she leads a busy life). On Saturday she worked at the Rugby Club from 11am until 1am the following day, it was a wedding.

A long while ago I entered a competition held by BT and I won 4 tickets to an Olympic Event held in Victoria Park (London) on Sunday the 29th. I gave them to Sarah as she was disappointed that the course she scheduled to go on to train as a security at the Olympics was cancelled. Of course we now know that G4S who were supposed the be doing the organisation are criminally incompetent. The real reason for the cancellation was that they forgot to provide accommodation for candidates who lived outside London  (probably would have eaten into their profits).  Sarah and Lee are going. There is some dispute as to who is having the other two tickets, Charlotte or Jamie. There is an obvious solution there, but I don’t get involved in such disputes.

BT London Live Victoria Park

I dug up 5 rows of potatoes this week and got half a bucket of blue and black spuds! They were supposed to be that colour, but not that few. The weather has been cold and wet and nothing has grown well, even the broad beans, though they were big there were no beans inside, very disappointing. I have had a good crop of onions and the fruit looks promising, we have had lots of black currants and gooseberries. The vines were pruned last week and the grapes are starting to fill out now. I had a big drive on eradicating weeds using trowel and chemicals and they are now officially an extinct species at the allotment and in the garden.

Yesterday, Jamie got Sue to dig out his Model aircraft out of  the loft and today he has been to the Model Aeroplane Club in Great Bowden. One of the guys there has promised to fix one of his planes so that it will fly again. I hope he keeps up the interest longer than he did when he was 12 years old.

Sue and I went to the Harborough Film Club to see ‘Red Dog’, a true Autralian film about a wild dog that befriended a community and went on a mega search for ‘his master’.  Lovely film, though the Aussie humour was prevalent throughout.


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