Harborough, the Eagle has landed!

Last Tuesday the phone line at Nan’ Flat was connected (that went well). Royal Mail were also scheduled to deliver an internet hub,  BTVision box and Sky sports activation card. The card arrived, the rest did not. After 2 days of phoning, I eventually picked it up at the local post office where it had been all the time. It didn’t take long to set up and works fine.

On Wednesday I drove up to Thurcroft to bring Sarah back. Nan treated us to a pub lunch and afterwards I filled the car with bags of clothes etc. to take back to Nan’s Flat. Late that afternoon Sarah and I had an uneventful journey back south and dropped the clothes off before going home.

Thursday saw my Sue  working a half day at Church Langton  and I had my 6 monthly trip to the dentist, and nothing needed doing. The evening, Charlotte and Sarah put Nan’s clothes away tidily in her flat.

Saturday saw me drive back up to Thurcroft, firstly I dropped Sarah off at her new Digs (she was going out to a Hen Night) and return the same day with the Fridge, microwave and TV etc. I again dropped them off at the Flat before going home. I made a curry in the evening and all but Suraj (working late) came. Sue had been to the allotment and picked a load of black currants and quite a lot of strawberries from the back garden. It is surprising that they have ripened with the continuous rain we have had with only minor glimpses of the sun.

On Sunday Sue and I went to Joules Eating House for lunch and watch ‘East West’ play their Neil Young set. It was very enjoyable and for once the rain held off until we got bat home. That evening we went to the Harborough Theatre to watch the silent film ‘The Artist’ , excellent film, I can see why it won so many awards.

Monday saw me back on the road to Thurcroft, this time followed later by Charlotte who had diverted via Sheffield to pick Sarah up from her Hen Night out. We had a pub lunch and then filled both cars up with as much stuff as they could take. After switching everything off in the house, we locked up and set off south with Nan. After a cup of coffee at home, we installed Nan in her flat with all her goods and chattels. It was quite late in the evening before we wished her a good nights sleep and left. The Eagle had landed! Hopefully it won’t be, Harborough, we have a problem!

The following morning Charlotte Sarah and I returned and continued to put things away and put up pictures etc.  Sue looked after Ellis to release Charlotte to help, as she had done on Monday. Nan treated us to another pub lunch, this time in Lubenham. Again we didn’t finish until the early evening before we said goodbye. All this activity seems to be tiring Nan out but she is bearing up well and is keeping her sense of humour. That night Sarah went back with Charlotte to Rothwell as they both have a Scrap Book class in the morning.

Today, now that everything is stored away, Sue went to visit and sort out some of the things that were in our garage and I popped over late in the morning to sort out some paperwork.  After walking with Nan to Londis for some soup and stamps I left her to make her lunch. In the afternoon Charlotte, Sarah and the boys visited Nan on the way here. Lucas had fallen over at school and banged his head. Nowadays that means a visit to the hospital.  After his lump was checked out, he was diagnosed as ok.




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