• Addendum

    In response to a judgement against the writer of the previous blog, the management would like to apologise to any party mentioned in the blog who feel that their details are incorrect. The management make every effort to check the validity of writing and try to ensure consistency of quality by taking Omega 3 and… Continue Reading

  • Updates

    The photographs are of Charlortte’s, Sarah’s and Claire’s girlie week in Majorca, plus a couiple of my recently updated study. Sue: This has been a bit of a rough time for Sue. Over the last few¬†weeks she has had yet another re-occurrence of her chest infection and aftera consultation at the local cottage hospital she… Continue Reading

  • It’s work for some!

    The good weather has continued (with a vengeance) and 32.2 degrees was recorded in the garden. Apparently it was hotter than that in Majorca, according to Charlotte Sarah and Claire (their friend) who were having a nice relaxed week by the pool at an all inclusive hotel in Calla de Majorca. Surprising that whenever they… Continue Reading