• An occasional rant

    The IOC should hang their heads in shame. Their unfathomable and naive decision to allow Russian athletes to compete in the Paris Olympics in 2024, with the pathetic excuse that Russian and Belarusian athletes would be allowed to participate if they do not represent their country or an organization affiliated with their country. I wholeheartedly… Continue Reading

  • Welcome Archie Ian

    Nine months of waiting to add another member to the clan came to end on Thursday 26th of January at 12.25 am, just 25 minutes late on the expected birth date.  Archie Ian Price weighed in at a respectable 7lb 4oz and flourishing a good crop of auburn hair. Sarah started to feel the first… Continue Reading

  • Trouble with visas

    The beginning of January had the whole family in excited anticipation of the addition of another family member, though the lead-up to his arrival didn’t go smoothly. Illness struck most of the Palmer family over Christmas, with Sarah having a preeclampsia scare that thankfully turned out to be false, then a further worry in mid-January… Continue Reading

  • The Russian Grinch who is trying to steal Christmas

    One miserable early December evening, whilst driving across town it seemed that something wasn’t quite right. When on reaching Welland Park Road, it suddenly dawned on me, in the past, nearly every second house in the town would have been brightly lit with flashing Christmas lights of one sort or another, heartening the souls of… Continue Reading

  • Is it really a World Cup?

    “The World Cup is not just a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance.” – Martin Jacques Whether you have an interest in soccer or not, the game in many ways can be seen as a measure of a country’s sense of humanity. There has been much controversy… Continue Reading

  • Getting better and it’s a boy!

    More than just one family member is having a scan in the hospital, one of Sarah’s regular check-ups not only confirmed that her baby will be a boy but also produced an amazing set of photos. Isn’t today’s technology wonderful? Jamie’s current batch of scans and x-rays show that he is beginning to heal, and… Continue Reading

  • October crashes out with a bang

    On the 4th of Oct. I had my third and hopefully final eye injection of Lucentis, it truly is a remarkable drug, improvement in vision is noticed within hours and any discomfort disappears after a day. Hopefully, that will be it for a couple of years at least. Sue drove me to the hospital in… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 1

    (4th June) A sleepy breakfast at the unholy hour of 5.45 is preceded by an early start on a very long journey to Morondava in the dry southwest of the island. We started and finished our marathon in the dark (14 hours), weary and ready for bed. Our journey began high on the wet and… Continue Reading

  • Flying to Madagascar

    (1st – 2nd June) With all the paperwork hopefully stored away in my rucksack we set off at 8 am to Birmingham Airport in a taxi driven by one of the parents of a child (Rebecca Pearson) I used to teach. It made for an interesting journey catching up on family news, thankfully she was… Continue Reading