• Living in Lockdown – 8

    02/04/20 Living in lock-down hasn’t (so far) been too dissimilar to what Sue and I would normally do whilst being at home. Retirement, may give  you the opportunity and time to travel, but it also prepares you for extended periods of being together. Yes, the clubs and all of the social activities that were part… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 7

    31/03/20 It’s the last day of March and a very eventful month it has turned out to be for the UK and the world. Poor Italy and Spain are still being ravaged, there seems no end to their atrocious torment. My feeling is that though we still have the worst to come, the UK is… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 6

    30/03/20 A bitterly cold day. Sue took a short walk to the postbox to post an Easter card and I chose a route on my morning cycle that I haven’t been able to follow for quite a few months. The fields and rural pathways have sufficiently dried out enough to take a tyre without slipping… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 5

    The death toll in the UK reached a frightening 1019, however putting it in perspective, over the last 24 hours another 832 passed away in Spain. However, the NHS England medical director Prof Stephen Powis says if the death toll in the UK is kept below 20,000, “We will have done very well”. There is… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 1

    It’s just a few days since I published the last blog, but I think in the present circumstances that it is befitting that I note down at more frequent intervals the events and details of the enforced changes in the way the Palmer family attempt to adapt to our new and more vulnerable world. On… Continue Reading

  • Surviving Coronavirus

    Since returning from the Amazon on the 20th of February it is certainly a very different world to the one that we knew before we boarded the Magellan at the beginning of January. Of course because we were cruising, we had (through idle interest) been monitoring the unfortunate passengers quarantined in port on the cruise… Continue Reading

  • Home to Purple Zeppelin

    Crossing the Bay of Biscay with the swell in excess of 5 metres was uncomfortable. Continuous warnings throughout the ship to wear flat shoes, hold on to rails when possible and take great care on stairs and in doorways was sensible advice. Though sick bags had appeared overnight every 5 metres along corridors, even in… Continue Reading