• Not Everything is Easy

    After a run of hot, record breaking days the inevitable rainy day has arrived and the family blog is being updated. Much has happened since the last keyboard tapping entry with the saddest news being that Jamie and Ashton have decided that living together has had its day. They managed just over 6 months living… Continue Reading

  • Not much of a summer (so far………)

    After checking my calendar I noticed that the last blog was posted on the 8th of June, which just happened to be the Queen’s birthday. I was born the year that she became Queen (1953), however that is the only thing we have in common, I am not much of a royalist though I do… Continue Reading

  • When the sap rises.

    In the garden its’s that time of year when nature slips into full gear; plant life erupts from its winter dormancy in anticipation of summer warmth and most visiting creatures are involved in quite entertaining reproductive pursuits. It’s a fascinating time, the Scots Pine growing just a few metres from the lounge window has many… Continue Reading

  • The Stupidity of Man!

    On the 16th April, while Sue took Ellis to see the film ‘Dumbo’, Peter and I visited Sarah in Newbold Verdon. We ripped up the decking surrounding their summer house that the previous owner had failed to maintain and was now in a sorry state. It took us most of the day, only stopping briefly… Continue Reading

  • A Brief Brexit Break

    The one benefit of being on a long cruise was that Sue and I didn’t have to listen to the daily bombardment by politicians and supporters from both sides of the Brexit argument, continually manipulating the news 24/7 to further their own agenda. Thankfully, the topic was rarely discussed by our fellow passengers and when… Continue Reading

  • The Trouble with Bones

    Our return to the UK went without a hitch. The taxi transfer to the airport arrived early and the Etihad flight took off on time. Our transit through Abu Dhabi went smoothly and the chill of a Heathrow landing was an apt wake-up for our onward journey, first by underground to St Pancras and then… Continue Reading

  • Up the Coast to Mexico

    (26th – 27th) In the last blog I forgot to mention an amusing incident whilst visiting Antigua, we were sat on a bench in the main square, resting our feet, hiding from the heat of the day under a pretty mimosa tree when Sue fancied purchasing some cashew nuts from a passing vendor. She had… Continue Reading