• A December Conundrum

    The run-up to Christmas seems to increase in intensity as each year passes. Yet, Sue and I are no longer dismayed at how early the shops and TV adverts dive into the hype and lurid sparkle of the festive period, since early October we have sighed and got on with life at our convenience. Black… Continue Reading

  • Life and Death

    After our jaunt to the Peak District, Sue settled back into her U3A routine of activities¬† with the first one being on the 8th Oct. While we had been away she had missed one that she had very much been looking forward to on metal detecting, however, this one based on Lazer Quest gave her… Continue Reading

  • Last of the Summer Wine

            With another weather warning for the UK as hurricane Lorenzo made its way across the Atlantic was probably not the best time to gamble on another few days away from the comforts of home, yet ‘Qui audet adipiscitur‘.¬† Sue and I suitably prepared ourselves for any adverse ‘biting’ winds by visiting… Continue Reading

  • A Malvern Break

    We had booked a couple of days away to do a little rambling and for Sue to revisit a few locations that during her childhood she now remembers with great fondness. I thought it would be ideal as a little tester for my knee and foot and so it turned out to be. The weather… Continue Reading

  • Not to be forgotten

    With the arrival of September, the end of the summer is firmly on its way, yet, either by previous judicious planning or convenient luck, the Rothwells have contrived to celebrate the waning of the season with a run of celebrations. The 2nd is Charlotte’s birthday (Sue’s decision), the 3rd is their wedding anniversary (convenient) and… Continue Reading

  • Not Everything is Easy

    After a run of hot, record breaking days the inevitable rainy day has arrived and the family blog is being updated. Much has happened since the last keyboard tapping entry with the saddest news being that Jamie and Ashton have decided that living together has had its day. They managed just over 6 months living… Continue Reading

  • Not much of a summer (so far………)

    After checking my calendar I noticed that the last blog was posted on the 8th of June, which just happened to be the Queen’s birthday. I was born the year that she became Queen (1953), however that is the only thing we have in common, I am not much of a royalist though I do… Continue Reading