• Politics and Pandemic

    18/01/21 UK deaths: 599. Current Market Harborough infections: 525. UP from last week: 49. In UK hospitals a person is admitted every 30 seconds with corona-virus. Exercise was something I never considered as a luxury to be looked forward to, in the past it has always been a necessity to keep fit in order to promote my… Continue Reading

  • Dark Days

    11/01/20 UK deaths: 529. Current Market Harborough infections: 476. DOWN from last week 51. So far, 2.4 million jabs have been administered across the UK. On a slightly warmer day than of recent, Sue and I met Sarah, Alice and Mia in Fosse Meadows Country Park. Taking advantage of the present Covid restriction rules permitting… Continue Reading

  • Lock-down again!

    04/01/20 UK deaths: 407. Current Market Harborough infections: 526. UP from last week: 8. Scotland will lock-down from tonight with schools closed until February. In England everyone must stay at home except for permitted reasons during a new lock-down beginning at midnight and lasting seven weeks, Boris Johnson has announced. All schools and colleges will… Continue Reading

  • Goodbye 2020 :-(

    28/12/20 UK deaths: 357. Current Market Harborough infections: 519. UP from last week: 335. The total number of deaths in the UK is  71,109. The temperature didn’t rise above 2 degrees today. Jamie decided to fix his broken central heating himself rather than wait for an engineer to call after the holidays. The fault was in the timer… Continue Reading

  • Covid Christmas

    21/12/20 UK deaths: 215. Current Market Harborough infections: 183. DOWN from last week: 111. France has banned lorries carrying freight from the UK and countries around the world have ended flights amid fears over the new mutant corona-virus strain. Eurotunnel has stopped Europe-bound services from its UK terminal and Dover’s ferry port has shut to traffic.… Continue Reading

  • Running up to Yuletide.

    a[ 14/12/20 UK deaths: 144. Current Market Harborough infections: 293. UP from last week: 67. A “new variant” of corona-virus has been identified in the UK, believed to be causing the spread in the South East. I hope that this new strain won’t affect the efficacy of the vaccine!!! Today the Newbold Verdons went to… Continue Reading

  • What do zombies want?

    07/12/20 UK deaths: 189.  Current Market Harborough infections: 226.  Down from last week: 222. Hospitals in the UK are getting ready to begin vaccinating those over 80, front-line health staff and care home workers tomorrow. The temperature hovered around 0C all day. While I froze fingers delivering Christmas cards to friends and neighbours on my… Continue Reading

  • A Cold Blast from the North.

    30/11/20 UK deaths: 205.  Current Market Harborough infections: 448.  Down from last week: 237. Officially, Santa will not have to wear a mask in grottoes this Christmas, as long as he is operating in a ‘Covid-secure’ way, Downing Street said today. I have it on good authority (from Mrs. Claus) that Mr. Corona-virus is officially on the… Continue Reading

  • Too many tiers, or is it tears?

    23/11/20 UK deaths: 206.  Current Market Harborough infections: 685.  Down from last week: 18. The first hard frost of the year made for an invigorating morning bike ride. Clear skies, crisp air, frost on the grass,  a perfect start to the day. The rest of my morning was taken up with buying a couple of… Continue Reading

  • It’s all in the numbers

    16/11/20 After testing positive for corona-virus, 168 have died in the UK. There are 703 active cases in the Harborough area, up 325 from last week. British scientists have hailed the news that US firm Moderna’s jab may be 94.5% effective against Covid-19.  Five million doses of the new vaccine could be delivered to the… Continue Reading