• Living in Lockdown – 18

    28/04/20 Looking at the latest international data, the UK has seen the highest rate of increase in deaths over the last week, prompting experts to worry that a prolonged corona-virus peak could lead to the UK becoming the worst-hit country in Europe. While the peak of the crisis in the UK is thought to have… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 17

    25/04/20 China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to help determine Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un’s health status, Reuters reported on Friday. Hong Kong Satellite Television reported that Kim was dead. On Monday, rumors spread that the North Korean leader was in ill health after undergoing heart surgery on… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown -16

    22/04/20 The UK is “at the peak” of the corona-virus outbreak, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told MPs – on the same day the number of UK hospital deaths rose above 18,000. On a more amusing note, I watched a YouTube video shared on Facebook by a friend which really made me chuckle: ‘The liar… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 15

    18/04/20 Today was different. It rained heavily all night and was still pouring down this morning. On such a damp, cold and miserable day I suppose it is annoyingly appropriate that I felt poorly. Having experienced a mildly grumbling tummy over the past few days and being largely ignored, my innards decided to complain with… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 14

    15/04/20 Today, a 99-year-old veteran who is raising funds for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden has hailed the public for their generosity as donations topped £7.5 million. Captain Tom Moore is on track to complete 100 of the 25-metre laps before he turns 100 on April 30. I cycled to Welham… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 13

    13/04/20 I am only a little bit superstitious, but today is the 13th April and this is the 13th entry of Living in Lockdown! Just saying. I read this morning that DuPont (America) supplies PPE to the medical services throughout the USA. The raw materials are sourced in the USA, sent to Vietnam to be… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 12

    11/04/20 On a day that was hotter than the Mediterranean the good news is that there may be a vaccine available by September (6 months away) but the bad news was that South Korea reported on Friday that 91 recovered Corona-virus patients have tested positive for the disease again, raising questions over health experts’ understanding… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 11

    07/04/20 The media has been totally focused on Boris Johnson and his condition in hospital. Though oxygen is being administered, he hasn’t been put on a ventilator, he is obviously very poorly. If there is even a slight positive to this, it is that it provides yet another wake-up call to those who think they… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 10

    06/04/20 As I sat down this evening to write the blog, breaking news on the BBC is that Boris Johnson has been moved into intensive care. This morning we woke to hear that he had been admitted into hospital as a precaution for tests. He had not recovered from the initial infection as he should… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 9

    04/04/20  This morning the wind vane on top of the house was pointing south, indicating an end to the chill north wind we seem to have been locked into forever. The BBC weather lady had promised a summery weekend, possibly continuing on into the following week. The government, wise to the whims of its citizens… Continue Reading