Living in Lockdown – 17

25/04/20 China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to help determine Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un’s health status, Reuters reported on Friday. Hong Kong Satellite Television reported that Kim was dead. On Monday, rumors spread that the North Korean leader was in ill health after undergoing heart surgery on April 12. His last public appearance was on April 11, at a politburo meeting. Certainly good news for his country and the world if this despot really has died. Didn’t Trump seem to be on good terms with Kim Jong Un? Perhaps Donald suggested he try a glass of disinfectant if he was feeling poorly?

A lock-down Saturday. Just like the whole of sport there hasn’t been much activity here at Willow Bank. Sue made cauliflower cheese for lunch and I broke up another bench for firewood and sprayed a few weeds that I missed from last time. The new tree bench did get a good workout in the afternoon by Sue who enjoyed the sun and read the entire newspaper from cover to cover while sat on it. I discussed photography with friends on Whats-app.

Run chicken run!

Is that it, a carrot?

Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas spent the day cleaning out the chicken run. They removed three years of wood chip and used an old tree trunk for the hens to perch on.

There were celebrations in Newbold Verdon when it was discovered that Mia has now lost 3.3 kg in weight since the New Year, 1.3 kg during  lock-down!  She was put on a diet with concerns about her rotundness and lethargy after Christmas. When Sue and I returned from our cruise I did take her for a walk soon after and noticed that she was a lot more sprightly  than before we left. Well done Mia, have a carrot on me.

25/04/20 Today is predicted to be the last of the dry days for quite some time. The number of people daring to gamble against the virus and venture out has been on the increase during this spell of very pleasant weather, a few wet and chilly days may curb this. I won’t need to water the fruit and vegetable plots and the greenhouse will require less.

Cheese anyone?

I love the smell of hawthorn blossom.

After Sunday lunch, Sue and I went for our government sanctioned exercise with a walk through the fields to Lubenham and back. There were many doing likewise. However, it was a lovely day for a ramble and everyone observed the lock-down rule of staying apart at least 2 metres. Most that we passed seemed happily  absorbed in their own conversations, unconcerned of the possibility of two deadly virus carriers approaching them.  Spring was here in all its glory and nothing was going to spoil the walkers of Harborough from enjoying its sights and smells.  Corn flowers, ragged robin, bluebells, cyclamen, crab apple blossom and best of all hawthorn were all in bloom and displaying their colour and aroma. On return, I set about making cheese from 4 litres of milk that I had bought that morning in the Co-op. This time I used a mould to shape the finished cheese, rather than roll it into little balls. We shall taste it over the next few days. Making cheese is nearly as therapeutic as mowing the lawn!

Jamie tiled the new shower during the morning and in the afternoon, he took Ruth and Joey for a walk through the woods to see the blue bells and they also investigated the Oxendon railway tunnel.

Sarah spent a relaxing morning potting up a million succulents she has acquired in her greenhouse.

Succulents anyone?

Nearly done.

Bluebell woods.

Relaxing on a lovely spring day







27/04/20 In Boris Johnson’s first public appearance since he returned to work, the prime minister said there were signs the country was “turning the tide” against the virus but appealed to the public to be patient as it was too early to lift the restrictions. New Zealand have eased off in their restrictions as their have only been a total of 19 deaths, I suspect the rest of the world will be watching what happens very closely.

Speedy potting!

The fore cast rain didn’t appear, instead we had a warm and pleasant day. At last, Jamie’s birthday present of a Jet washer that had been ordered three weeks ago was delivered. During the late morning, Sue drove to Desborough and dropped it off with Ruth as Jamie was at work, she then went on to Rothwell and left some tomato plants with Suraj as Charlotte was also at work. Both Suraj and and Ruth are working from home.

After  MY cheese on toast for breakfast, my sore back seemed to be improving so for the first time in a week I set off on my bike.  I was out for just an hour and I met very few people, even when I returned through the town centre. Perhaps like the Boomtown Rats, they also don’t like Mondays. I spent much of the rest of the day cementing stones back into position in the various retaining walls around the garden. I ran out of sand before I could complete the task, it will have to be one of those jobs that will have to wait until after Lock-down is eased.

As soon as Charlotte had returned from her gardening job she straight away potted up the tomato plants that had been delivered earlier. It shows how much she loves gardening.


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