• Reflections on Bulgaria

    France beat Wales and the following weekend went on to lose (in a tight game) to New Zealand. The week in between was full of incident. ¬†First we had 2 days of torrential rain where the Turks failed to turn up for work. Not surprising as they would have thought that they would have been… Continue Reading

  • Bulgar bugs.

    I failed to mention in the first Bulgarian blog that after 3 days I picked up a tummy bug (along with David) that made me take to my bed for a day and a half and though David continued to eat, there was ‘movement’ through his body for some 5 days (thought he might explode).… Continue Reading

  • Was dry now wet!

    While the UK was enjoying a record heat wave, we in Ritya were equally dry but always 3-4 degrees in temperature cooler. Now that the weather back home has turned, the same has happened here except the temperature has plummeted over the last 2 days to chilly and the rain fall has been steady and… Continue Reading

  • Bulgaria

    The flight with WizzAir to Sofia on a Saturday night went without hitch. David was there in the Arrivals lounge at 3.40 am on Sunday morning to drive us Ritya, he had only just got there half an hour earlier and was determined to sett off straight away on the 3.5 hour return journey. We… Continue Reading