• Up the Coast to Mexico

    (26th – 27th) In the last blog I forgot to mention an amusing incident whilst visiting Antigua, we sat on a bench in the main square, resting our feet, hiding from the heat of the day under a pretty mimosa tree when Sue fancied purchasing some cashew nuts from a passing vendor. She had a… Continue Reading

  • Up the coast to Guatemala

    (22nd – 25th) Now that we are heading north up of the coast of the land mass of Central America we are beginning to see more signs of life in the sea around us. We do come across the occasional freighter swiftly passing a mile or so away in the opposite direction, something that we… Continue Reading

  • The Panama Canal

    (22nd) There was a full cruise day after Aruba to reach the entrance to the Panama Canal, it was our goodbye to the Caribbean, it had been good to us; calm seas, blue skies, heat and some great views and memories. We apparently picked up the pilot somewhere out to sea at 5.30am, the Canal… Continue Reading

  • One Sea Day to Aruba

    (19th – 21st) When you share a tin can with 1800 people for any length of time you are bound to come across some interesting individuals. Past cruises have shown us that the human form can certainly attain eye-watering proportions in both size and body shape, living on a food conveyor belt doesn’t help matters,… Continue Reading

  • Across the Atlantic to Barbados

    (12th-19th) We are now fully settled into the ship’s routine of entertainment and mealtimes, supplementing it with trips to the cabin, gym and deck etc. Of course, we could eat when we wish, skip an activity, or perhaps attend a club/group that we have rejected as being too active (Zumbah), uninteresting (Bridge) or beyond our… Continue Reading

  • Columbus sailed to the Azores

    (7-11th) Due to a delay in refuelling, we didn’t leave our berth in Amsterdam until midnight, by then we were snug in our cabin. A sea day means that on waking we read the morning ship’s daily magazine in earnest and plot what we are going to do in between meals and the evening entertainment.… Continue Reading

  • The journey starts…….

    5th & 6th Jan. Whether we went travelling again depended on Sue getting well, neither of us wanted to repeat the disappointment of cancelling our trip down the Amazon last January, so with that in mind Sue resolutely stuck to the task and remained in pyjamas for four days, she kept herself warm, dosed herself… Continue Reading

  • Pepper, Boilers and Christmas.

    With Brexit dominating the news 24/7 it was a refreshing change on the 28th Nov. to get out into the Leicestershire countryside on a ramble with John. I had plotted a circular route from the Royal Oak in Great Dalby into my GPS using some new software, it had indicated the distance as being 9.9… Continue Reading