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Everyone back to work.

Posted in Uncategorized on Feb 24, 2008 by David Palmer
With half -term over we have all had a week back at the grindstone. Sue did 3 days this week. Jamie didn’t have College as they were still on Half-term and was all week at the Joinery. Sarah was fine, but is spending too long on the computer when she gets home, and when she’s not doing that she is watching DVD’s that Charlotte has made for her (she’s getting to become a boring teenager). I picked up a head cold on Wednesday, and like a hero, struggled into work on Thursday and Friday.
Surprisingly England beat France on Saturday night.

Half term

Posted in Uncategorized on Feb 12, 2008 by David Palmer
We all managed to make it to half term intact and healthy. The weather has been exceptionhally fine and I have managed to do quite a lot of jobs around the garden. I even planted some shallots and onions.
Sarah went to Charlotte’s on Saturday and is having lots of fun playing with Lucas.  Charlotte informs me that she will probably take the week off. I shall be picking up Sarah on the way to nan’s, when she decides she wants to leave Lucas!!!!!
Sue has been busy catching up with the cleaning, washing aqnd shopping. We had new doors delivered on Saturday (we already have the handles). All that we need now is for the carpenter to hang them, it has taken 3 years so far.
Jamie wen to court on Monday as a witness to a crime. He saw someone smash a motorbike with a hammer last May. He didn’t have to appear, as the defendant changed his plea to guilty when he was informed that there were witnesses who had turned up.
Today was such a lovely day, that I went for a walk (see photos).

A settled week

Posted in Uncategorized on Feb 3, 2008 by David Palmer
Everybody seems fit and healthy again this week. No dented cars, sniffles, coughs or even snow! Everybody else gets that, we only managed a dozen snowflakes or so all week!
Sarah got another ‘A’ for her Thai Chicken at school (I wonder what it tasted like?)
Charlotte had the 3rd of September confirmed as the weddinng date.
I managed to get flights to and from Zanzibar (it was touch and go as most of the flights had been booked and were full), and will be there to give her away. We shall be staying just utside Stone Town and will have to travel up to Charlotte’s hotel on the day.
On Friday, Sue and I went to see ‘Atonement’ at the local cinema club. A very sad film, but worth seeing.
England lost to Wales on Saturday. Very, very sad. But, that’s what happens when you select players that are currently out of form and not playing for their clubs, or are just returning from injury. I thought a coach with such experience would have had more sense.