• Everyone back to work.

    This week it has been back at the grindstone and the freedom of half-term is now just a fading memory. Sue managed three days in school. As college was still on half-term, Jamie spent all week at the Joinery. Sarah seems quite happy with life but like most of her age is spending far too… Continue Reading

  • Half Term

    The family managed to make it to half-term intact and fairly healthy. The weather has been exceptionally fine, allowing me to do quite a lot of jobs around the garden without having to cancel or delay tasks due to rain. I even planted several rows of shallots and onions. Sarah went to Charlotte’s on Saturday… Continue Reading

  • A Settled Week

    This week everyone in the family seemed fit and healthy again. No dented cars, sniffles, coughs or even snow! With the rest of the country blanketed in the white stuff, we only managed a dozen snowflakes, and that didn’t last long. Sarah got another ‘A’ for her Thai Chicken at school (I am still wondering what… Continue Reading