Half Term

The family managed to make it to half-term intact and fairly healthy. The weather has been exceptionally fine, allowing me to do quite a lot of jobs around the garden without having to cancel or delay tasks due to rain. I even planted several rows of shallots and onions.
Sarah went to Charlotte’s on Saturday and to see her sister and play with little Lucas.  Charlotte has taken the week off work. I shall pick Sarah up on my way to Nan’s (if she decides she wants to leave Lucas!!!!!)
Sue has been busy catching up with the cleaning, washing and shopping. We had new doors delivered on Saturday (we already purchased the handles) and they are stacked up neatly in the garage. All we need now is a carpenter to hang them.
Jamie went to court on Monday as a witness to a crime in the town. Last May, he saw a vandal smash a parked motorbike with a hammer and it took until now to come to court. He was quite worried about appearing in court, but thankfully he didn’t have to as the defendant changed his plea to guilty when he was informed that there were witnesses who had turned up.

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