• 3rd blogg from China

    The other day we had a Trek into the interior of the island to explore a rainforest. It was an organised tour of about 20 other Brits and a guide. The bus was on its last legs and the journey seemed to take an age, but at least I managed to have a kip between… Continue Reading

  • 2nd blogg from China

    Now that the computer seems to understand I am English, I am inspired to add a bit more to our blog. Today we had quite a quiet day, we all just slobbed around the hotel and beach. Sarah and I did a bit of snorkelling, but you couldn’t see as the water was surprisingly murky.… Continue Reading

  • Ist Blogg From China

    FRUSTRATION!!!  Well, I have written this three times!!!!! The screen is mostly in Chinese and so I have had to guess how to publish this blog. Then suddenly it appeared in English and of course, the blog disappeared!!! So I write again. If it disappears again I shall give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot access my emails… Continue Reading

  • sixth blogg

     We have cracked another year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having navigated our way through a busy last week I think we are all ready for a nice long break, we all seem to be exhausted, even Jamie is getting to bed at a reasonable hour these days. On Tuesday, Sarah went with me to Sea-Life in Birmingham to help… Continue Reading

  • Fifth blogg

    The rain slowly petered out during the week, but we still didn’t manage to have a sports day at school (rice growing well though). I did decide to empty the pool and get rid of the rather green water. It took two days to empty it into the river and then 3 days to fill… Continue Reading

  • Fourth Blogg

    A very quiet week. Lots of rain. The river level was up and down. School sports day had to be cancelled, the only event that was feasible was the 50m speed rice planting race. I did manage to play 2hrs of tennis in the drizzle on Thursday, it’s amazing how pedestrian the games are now,… Continue Reading