Ist Blogg From China

FRUSTRATION!!!  Well, I have written this three times!!!!! The screen is mostly in Chinese and so I have had to guess how to publish this blog. Then suddenly it appeared in English and of course, the blog disappeared!!! So I write again. If it disappears again I shall give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot access my emails as embc appears to be down (it usually happens during the summer hols), but I can’t be sure as the error message is in Chinese. So luckily or not I haven’t a clue if anybody is emailing me about work, life, adverts or flooded towns.
We had a 15hr flight here, via Bahrain. To Sarah and I it went very quickly (we slept most of the way), but it was tortuously long for Jamie and Sue as Jamie had a cough and he kept detonating at regular intervals. Now you know who sat next to who!
The hotel is very good, right on the beach and central to the resort, very few Brits here, mostly Chinese and Russian. The British have only been coming here for the last 6 weeks. There are no other Nationalities. The Chinese mostly appear to live in bathrobes and swim in the very warm swimming pool until 2 am. Many of the eating places are for the Russians who appear to own most of the property around Sanya. However, the food is very good, much better than in Beijing or Hongkong. Everything is exceptionally cheap as you would expect. Around 8 to 10 pounds for a meal for 4 with drinks. We use the taxis to get around as there are a million of them and we hired one for most of the day for around 20 pounds. The weather is great: sunny, hot and humid. At last, it is nice to hear that back home it is raining, rain and more rain for once. Usually, the weather turns fantastic when we leave for our holiday.
I will try to remember what we have been up to:
* Shopping and more shopping (Jamie has bought a new phone, loads of trainers and some Jack Daniels. Sarah bought clothes, clothes and more clothes. Sue bought some pearls and I bought a pair of trousers and a battery for my camera. Because, now that we are about as far away as possible, the camera has decided to stop charging up. It did this two years ago in Beijing!!!!!
* Eaten an awful lot (but I go to the Gymn every morning to keep my figure nice and trim, for the beach of course.)
* Snorkelled and walked a lot. Though there are several dive centres here, none of them is English speaking, so I don’t even get as far as “Can we dive here?” before the blank faces appear when they realise we are not Russian.
* We have had a foot massage (twice), and the whole family love them, it is like being in heaven, but with a bit of pain at times. We shall have more before we go.
* We have had our bodies nibbled by fish, that eat your dead skin. That was also heaven (once you get used to being chewed by a flock of fish with tiny teeth). We then bathed in hot pools that were filled with coconut milk etc. My favourite was the coffee pool.
* We visited a monkey sanctuary on an island preceded by an amazing cable car ride with an exceptional view (took loads of photos). The monkey shows that we saw were very good, but you can’t help feeling how they are treated when we are not there.
* Seen Sanya by night from up a nearby mountain, not quite as nice as Hongkong, but still impressive. The Chinese do like their neon!
* Risked death, daily, in an assortment of taxis that are driven by lunatics who have no road sense (they are easily the worst drivers I have ever seen). Oh yes, they spit a lot, mostly on bends while fiddling with a mobile phone and pressing the horn.
* There are loads of other things we’ve done, but I can’t remember (It’s my age and also the fact that I dare not use review on my camera in case I flatten the battery quicker).
Well, it is 7.30 pm and must go for food. I shall press PUBLISH in a second. If you read this you will know it worked. And if it doesn’t you will be none the wiser and I will again have wasted another hour!!!!!!

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