• Mauritius 1

    The air con ensured we had a good nights sleep and it was with reluctance on my part to get out of bed at the unearthly hour of 8am. Showered and dressed we made our way through the early morning heat to breakfast. Disappointingly, though they drive on the left and speak English, the place… Continue Reading

  • Urchin to get there!

    Saturday morning and Sue was up for 7am and me soon, both eager to escape the cold winter days of Harborough. Annoyingly it was bright and sunny. By 9.30am we had checked the packing of the previous day, satisfied ourselves that all the required paper work was in order and stowed away (in duplicate) in… Continue Reading

  • Winter Days

    On the Friday after our return from a much warmer southern hemisphere climate we entertained the Rothwells and Jamie with a couple of curries, one being made from the spices that I had bought at the Spice Farm in Suva. No one complained, so I guess that it must have been acceptable, though I was… Continue Reading

  • Sydney4

    Another lazy start. First we had to load our Opal cards with another $20 as we were running out of credit. We did this at a kiosk just outside the hotel before catching the train to Circular Quay. It was a hot sunny morning and we were looking forward to the cooling breeze we would… Continue Reading

  • Sydney3

    Woke earlier today at 8am. Blue sky and white puffy clouds greeted us as we left the hotel bound for Central Station. The plan was to ‘do’ the Opera House. The journey to Central Quay involves just three stops and we were soon outside the iconic Sydney landmark taking the obligatory photos. The area around… Continue Reading

  • Fiji 11

    Another early breakfast, this time because we were scheduled to leave the ship at  8.15am. We had woken at 6.30, showered, dressed and in the Windjammer for 7.10am. Our suitcases had been taken from the corridor sometime during the night and stored down below. We met Steve and Ellie in the Promenade and we gave… Continue Reading

  • Fiji 10

    Today we woke early especially to visit a rock. Quite a special rock, the Captain had informed us yesterday that he would be diverting his course to pass within 1000m of the tallest sea stack in the world. It was just off the Lord Howe Islands, and rose over 500m from the sea and extended… Continue Reading

  • Fiji 9

    After breakfast we took a walk around the top deck. Another lovely day, blue skies and a balmy temperature, the ship cutting an iridescent wake through the vastness of the steely blue Pacific. No cares in the world from any onboard, other than what shall choose to do next and more importantly for some, what… Continue Reading

  • Fiji 8

    Non-stop day sea-day! Breakfast in the wind jammer around 8am then a scoot around the decks to take in the rays. We have noticed that so far we haven’t seen any signs of wildlife, no dolphins whales or sea birds. A few days ago we did see another ship steaming laterally towards us, but it… Continue Reading

  • Fiji 7

    A restless nights sleep. We had such an early start today for our planned trip that I guess we were worried that we might miss our transport from the quay side when we docked. Damn you stupid Aussies of yesterday, you sowed the seeds of doubt in our minds! Sue’s alarm and my mobile were… Continue Reading