Fiji 8

Non-stop day sea-day!

Breakfast in the wind jammer around 8am then a scoot around the decks to take in the rays. We have noticed that so far we haven’t seen any signs of wildlife, no dolphins whales or sea birds. A few days ago we did see another ship steaming laterally towards us, but it was so far away it could have been the Mare Celeste. This is one vast and deep ocean, no wonder they can’t find missing Malaysian airliner.

10am saw us attending the ‘Body Language’ lecture. Today, we had to do a little exercise which involved discussing our day from the view point of our partners. Sue as being ‘Analytical’ had to discuss from my ‘Direct’ approach and vice-versa. It wasn’t easy, but fun. Tomorrow we look at manipulation!

We had lunch, again in the windjammer. As we ate, a small volcanic atoll called Hunters Island appeared 23 miles off the port side. I got out the binoculars, but it looked uninhabited and doubtful whether you could land on it. There appeared to be formidable cliffs on the visible side.

After dining, Sue went to one of the lounges and listened to a violin recital, while I sat in the theatre and read my book. There was a dance rehearsal going on at the time but I was too engrossed with Sherlock Holmes to watch. As the rehearsal finished Sue turned up as we had planned to watch a 3D film, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.


After the film we rushed to the other end of the ship to try and get into the last performance of the ice show. We were successful and secured some great seats with the gold sea-pass passengers. The show was marvellous but as we had seen the first one, we noticed that a few of the sequences were missing.


Coffee and sandwiches followed in the cafe. Disappointingly, despite my best efforts the waist line is expanding. Damn the sore foot that prevents me from visiting the gym!

Before the evening meal we watched a superb Australian singer (Michael Falzon) in the theatre go through his repertoire of musical hits and Queen numbers. A fantastic voice and a very professional act. He has headlined quite a few international shows and I can see why.


We dined alone on our table tonight. The entertainment was provided by the passengers as we had to dance the Macarayna (I probably spell it as well as I dance it!)

At 10pm we watched (and participated) in the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ game show in Studio B. The ice floor had a wooden floor laid over it, but I was still quite chilly in there. The silly party games played were very funny, and there was a lot of cheating going on between the sexes.

When it finished we dashed to the other end of the ship to catch a comedian who came from Newcastle, but now lives in New York. It was adult humour (why it was on late), but his rapid quick-fire humour with a Bronx accent made it difficult at times to work out what the joke was. He was OK, and sent us to our bed with a smile on our faces.


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