• October crashes out with a bang

    On the 4th of Oct. I had my third and hopefully final eye injection of Lucentis, it truly is a remarkable drug, improvement in vision is noticed within hours and any discomfort disappears after a day. Hopefully, that will be it for a couple of years at least. Sue drove me to the hospital in… Continue Reading

  • Madagascar 1

    (4th June) A sleepy breakfast at the unholy hour of 5.45 is preceded by an early start on a very long journey to Morondava in the dry southwest of the island. We started and finished our marathon in the dark (14 hours), weary and ready for bed. Our journey began high on the wet and… Continue Reading

  • Flying to Madagascar

    (1st – 2nd June) With all the paperwork hopefully stored away in my rucksack we set off at 8 am to Birmingham Airport in a taxi driven by one of the parents of a child (Rebecca Pearson) I used to teach. It made for an interesting journey catching up on family news, thankfully she was… Continue Reading

  • And life goes on……

    It’s time to get back to normal. Queen Elizabeth II once summed up her year as, “Annus Horribilis” and without a doubt 2022 has been one of those. The ongoing pandemic, the increasing effects of Global Warming, Russia invading Ukraine, Russian sanctions and Putin’s retaliation and of course the death of our Queen. The future… Continue Reading